5 Accessories for a Buenos Aires Summer Wardrobe

When it comes to summertime dressing (and dealing with the hot, humid weather) less is more, and so the right accessories are key. To help you look the part this summer in Buenos Aires, I’ve picked

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Meet the Talented Trio Behind Fémina

You know what really does it for me? Waking up to a hot cup of coffee and discovering new music. It’s part of my morning ritual. My first taste of Fémina was this video filmed for their song Deshice de mí while

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Top 10 Works At The Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes

Article by Anna Lowe.

Following my recent post on MALBA’s Top 10 works, I now intend to continue with further museum-themed lists until, like all film

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Galeria Mar Dulce - Buenos Aires Art - Linda, desk

Palermo’s Favorite Art Gallery: Linda Neilson’s Mar Dulce

It all started when Linda Neilson tried to buy prints for her baby’s nursery here in Buenos Aires. To her dismay, the high-end galleries were not only expensive <span

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An Afternoon with Lucas Lasnier aka Parbo

Getting ready for my interview I contemplated whether I should indulge in classic porteño fashion and postpone—it is cold, it is raining, why would we ever leave our houses? I reminded myself how it took me about 2 weeks

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Diego Rivera at MALBA Latin American Modern Art

MALBA for Dummies

Undoubtedly one of the ‘must-see’ attractions of the city, MALBA (the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires) offers an opportunity to view 100 years of modern and contemporary art from across the region. The collection introduces visitors

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ira de dios

Behind the Scenes of Art Gallery ‘La Ira de Dios’

I’ve been getting familiar with the Buenos Aires art scene for a while now, bobbing in and out of a few gallery openings, or indulging in the occasional temporary art installation. I’ve taken my curious eyes all

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Following the Street Art of Buenos Aires

The streets of Buenos Aires evoke many images: the men of Once hustling boxes from one street corner to the other, beautiful jacarandas in bloom in the quiet northern barrios, the undeniable charm of sitting in an old cafe on a cobblestoned street

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Street Art in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Exploring the Street Art of San Isidro

Art-lovers alike are lured to Buenos Aires with promises of an erupting Latin American art scene. You can explore history through art at the world-famous MALBA, or for the more unconventional craftsman, the walls of

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5 Designers to Fill A Stylish Male Wardrobe

In a city dominated by unfamiliar name brands and designers, it’s hard to know where to start in your wardrobe-shopping quest away from familiar contenders like Zara, Lacoste and Penguin, particularly if you’re a guy

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