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Luxor’s Luxuriant Show, An Interview With The Artist

Article by Kyra Assibey-Bonsu

Gallery openings: an excuse to rub shoulders with the city’s cultured people, whilst sipping on possible free wine, have always made me a bit uncomfortable. I don’t feel hip enough to

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La Boca Walking Tour: An Afternoon in One of Buenos Aires’ Oldest Neighborhoods

When I arrived to Buenos Aires I was warned that there was one neighborhood to avoid from dusk til’ dawn: La Boca. Out of all the Buenos Aires neighborhoods that tourists visit, Boca has and still gets a bad rap. I

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Hollywood in Cambodia, Palermo, Buenos Aires

Hollywood in Cambodia: Palermo’s Beautiful Chaos

On a particularly colorful block of Thames in Palermo, you will find a haven for some of the most well-known street artists in Buenos Aires.  You might not know it at first glance – as it happens to be perched

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San Telmo Art & History Walk: A Tour Through the Neighborhood’s Myth and Legend

Let me start of by admitting something about myself. I love tours. Walking, graffiti, or a historical walking tour, they are each a sensual treat on my proverbial cake. So when given the chance to attend the <a href="

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Buenos Aires Aerial photography drone shot hunters

Aerial Photography and Video of Buenos Aires

Video created by Hunter Thain, creator and proprietor of Shot Hunters Media – an aerial photography company.  Hunter studied abroad in Buenos Aires

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In the Honeycomb

Stepping into Trystan Bates’ workspace, the first thing I noticed was its sleek simplicity – only a handful of small, colorful pieces were hung up on the walls, with a single black and white table occupying the

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CC Matienzo

The Villa Crespo Clan: Club Cultural Matienzo

Club Cultural Matienzo breathes culture and spawns innovation. It’s a pulsating space; a living organism enveloped by a membrane of graffitied walls. Eighty workers –macromolecules of ideas, plans, and schedules&#8211

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Cooperativa de Trabajo Vieytes © Daniela Pafundi

Big Little Pieces of Street Art in Buenos Aires

The colorful and chaotic walls of Buenos Aires make the city a dynamic, constantly curated gallery.  Eclectic and ever moving, a viewer can have the sensation of being transported from Paris to San Paolo in a single block.  Normative definitions

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An Interview With Street Artist Malegría

You might not know this but the walls of parking garages in Buenos Aires are prime real estate. They’re big ‘n’ ugly and often their owners are happy to turn them over to an industrious street artist

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Top 10 Not-To-Miss Architectural Highlights of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires’ eclectic clash of architecture ranging from from baroque to art deco, makes it one of the best cities for architecture aficionados.

How is it possible to narrow down to just ten incredible buildings in a city that holds

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