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Fuerza Bruta Buenos Aires 1

Do I really need to see the Fuerza Bruta show before leaving Buenos Aires?

Article by Arnaud Paillard.

After having spent a few months in Buenos Aires, the Fuerza Bruta show will seem something like Bigfoot to you: a lot of people talk about it, try to convince you that it’s awesome, however nobody can describe

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Proa La Boca

PROA, La Boca: An Explosive and Alternative Museum Experience

Article by Claire McKeever.

It’s not often you would associate the area of La Boca with anything but its colorful tinned houses, tourist filled cobble stone streets and (lets be honest) its reputation as one of Buenos Aires’s more sketchy neighborhoods

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Top 10 Works Of The Collecion Fortabat

Article by Anna Lowe.

Here it is, the third installment of my ‘Top-10’ artworks in BA’s most famous museums.  (See MALBA and Bellas Artes.)  

This time I’m abandoning the non-profit world of art museums in favour

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Summer By The Water: Best Weekend Destinations

Article by Claire McKeever.

Picture this: a cold beer, waves lapping at your feet and the sun setting over the water… Perhaps not an image so strongly connected to Buenos Aires “Capital” but you’ll be glad to

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Two Restaurants For Classic Dining – Bella Italia and De Quien?

Article by Anna Lowe.

I love a classic restaurant. I love walking into a place that looks, feels and smells great, getting a drink in my hand immediately, choosing from a menu of delicious options, receiving attentive service, a prompt bill

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Cecilia Lutufyan

Weekend Portfolio: Cecilia Lutufyan

Lutufyan's strange creatures stare at us as though they had something important to tell. What is it?
Galeria Union Show Art in San Telmo

Defi Gagliardo’s New Show at Galeria Union

Article by Sorcha O’Higgins.

Defi Gagliardo, known simply as Defi in the art world, is one of the godfathers of porteno street art. Having studied design in the UBA, Defi Gagliardo first used the public realm as a means of crude marketing for

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Weekend Portfolio: Teko van Kuyk

Teko van Kuyk paints on canvas, paper, and in the streets.

2015 – The 21st Century’s Quinceañera

by Lauren Dulberg L.Ac, D.OM ; Mommy, owner and main acupuncturista at Acupuncture Buenos Aires.

You’re a teenager now entering into your years of rebellion and finding your voice. Just 15 years ago it was Y2K, you were just being born out of this

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Primafila Event DJ in Buenos Aires Party

Where to Celebrate New Years Eve in Buenos Aires

Article by Rachael Leonie.

This city never needs an excuse to throw a party, and New Years Eve is no different. Whether you’re looking to party, relax, or eat (and eat well), Buenos Aires is brimming with options for all its dwellers. Check

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