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Galeria Mar Dulce - Buenos Aires Art - Linda, desk

Palermo’s Favorite Art Gallery: Linda Neilson’s Mar Dulce

It all started when Linda Neilson tried to buy prints for her baby’s nursery here in Buenos Aires. To her dismay, the high-end galleries were not only expensive <span

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Home Hotel Buenos Aires - Menu

Home Hotel, Indeed

Article and Photos by Sharon Salt.

Nestled in the middle of its block in Palermo Hollywood, Home Hotel is a small oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires. When its owners Patricia O’Shea

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What We Really Eat For A Week In Argentina

Buenos Aires Food Journal

Three Days of What’s On Our Table & In Our Stomachs

By Sharon Salt

 Sometimes, people are curious about what Argentines actually eat. I never know how to answer. I suppose there are only two courses of action, anyway: a) gross generalizations, and b) speaking for myself and myself only. 


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Buenos Aires Street Art Stock h

How To Navigate Big Bad Buenos Aires

Article by Sharon Salt.

I have a terrible sense of direction, and for my first year here, I was almost always walking the wrong way. As I have mentioned in other articles, I didn’t take the bus for almost six months because I was terrified of getting

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Tango Fever

Milonga Etiquette: 8 Things to Know Before You Tango

Article by Sharon Salt.

To many outsiders and first-timers, milongas are uncharted territory: dark and smoky halls brimming with lust, loss, and longing. Everyone, it seems, knows everyone else; and everyone, it seems, knows how to dance perfectly

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Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 1.41.33 AM

The Making of Mujeres Con Pelotas

Article by Sharon Salt.  

Ginger Gentile and Gabriel Balanovsky are busy, busy, busy. When I talk with them in their studio about their latest documentary, Mujeres Con Pelotas, our conversation

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Cyber URSA: Ethical, Small-Batch Argentine Accessories and Apparel 6

Cyber URSA: Ethical, Small-Batch Argentine Accessories and Apparel

Article by Sharon Salt.  Model Photos: Flor Lista.

Despite being nine months pregnant and dealing with mid-day traffic and a power outage, Liz Gleeson is a center of calm. All the chaos of Buenos Aires seems to slide off her back. She must

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Ambrotype Portraits at Studio Fotin 2

Ambrotype Portraits at Studio Fotin

Article by Sharon Salt.

If Instagram is the McDonald’s of photography — lightning fast, superficially good, and accessible to the masses — Studio Fotin is at the helm of the slow food movement.

Started just over a year ago by

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Argentine Sandals

How to Dress Like an Argentine, Or At Least Fit In

Advice by Sharon Salt.

Before we begin, I apologize. As you may have gathered, I am not, in fact, Argentine, and so I must admit that the best I can give you here is an approximation of what Argentines are wearing. Likewise, fashion is a vast

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cabeceo narrative tango tours buenos aires

A Truer Tango for Tourists: Narrative Tango Tours

Article by Sharon Salt.  Photo – El Cabeceo, by Tom Gettelfinger.

Tango has earned its place on the top of any Buenos Aires tourist to-do list, and with good reason. But while plenty of tourists are happy to

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