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An Interview With Street Artist Malegría

You might not know this but the walls of parking garages in Buenos Aires are prime real estate. They’re big ‘n’ ugly and often their owners are happy to turn them over to an industrious street artist

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All The Beers in San Telmo

When I first arrived here in 2007, the quality of the beer disappointed me. The good cheap pivo in Prague, where I’d lived for 5 years, had spoiled me. Quilmes, the Miller Light of Argentina, just wasn’t cutting it. Once I found

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Poeta: Buenos Aires Street Artist 6

An Interview with Geometrical Street Artist Poeta

I’ve been fascinated with the rise of abstract and geometric street art. The disciplined approach these artists take toward their “canvases” forces them to consider negative space in a way that most street artists working in other

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The Walls of San Telmo Talk

Article by Rick Powell, founder of San Telmo Art & History Walk.

The walls of Buenos Aires are rarely blank and they never stop talking. It’s just that maybe we’re not always listening. After all, it’s hard

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Weekend Portfolio: Tali Elbert

Inmersión, flotación y reflexión en escenas acuáticas donde cuerpos longevos se dejan llevar por corrientes tranquilas.
Macro Interview Buenos Aires Street Art San Telmo

An Interview with Macro on Street Art

Interview by Rick Powell.

I am so sorry to see Macro go.

I’d been thinking about contacting Buenos Aires street artist Macro for months, having enjoyed the work that I had discovered while giving walking

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Portrait of Chef Juan Carlos Lopez

Chef Juan Carlos Lopez on Cooking in Buenos Aires

Article and Interview conducted by Rick Powell, San Telmo connoisseur of all things artistic.

The first time Juan Carlos Lopez got a standing ovation for his cooking was when he made simple tacos for 25 hungry backpackers at an art hostel in San Telmo

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