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CC Matienzo

The Villa Crespo Clan: Club Cultural Matienzo

Club Cultural Matienzo breathes culture and spawns innovation. It’s a pulsating space; a living organism enveloped by a membrane of graffitied walls. Eighty workers –macromolecules of ideas, plans, and schedules&#8211

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Parque Lezama, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Time Traveling with Biking Buenos Aires

“Get a bike,” they told me, “you’ll see so much of Buenos Aires on a bike.”

For months and months, this is what I heard. So when I was offered the chance to take a 7-hour bike ride through the city with Biking Buenos Aires, I leapt at the

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Korean BBQ @ BBQ Town, Buenos Aires, Argentina

An Argentine Reacts: Korean BBQ

Expats regularly complain that Argentines lack palatal adventure. We went straight to the source to test their taste buds.

When I invited my friend Esteban to help me review BBQ Town, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure, Argentines can be open when

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Plaza de Amas, Cusco, Peru

Passport to Peru: A 5 Minute Guide to Cusco

At first, Cusco seems quaint, small, and orderly: dignified churches and respected ruins dot the area giving the city a stately, somber allure; a grid of narrow streets converge at the gorgeous, old-world Plaza de Armas; traditionally-dressed women

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Korean Food @ BBQ Town, Buenos Aires, Argentina

BBQ Town: Korean Food is Closer Than You Think

I am what some might define as a lazy human being. Meaning that after work, I tend to spend my nights watching Netflix, rather than playing football with friends or organizing another La Bomba del Tiempo outing. If your plan falls anywhere

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Cannoli de Palermo, Your Neighborhood Pastry Peddler

A few weekends ago, I was walking down Thames when a cyclist stopped me in my tracks. Very abruptly. The funny thing is, the driver wasn’t even moving. Nor even on the bike.

Instead, the bike had become a type of converted kiosco, filled with

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pastries in buenos aires

The 5 Pastries You Meet in Argentina

Argentine facturas: they’re flakey, buttery, sometimes gooey, and always delicious. They’re the culprit of the extra kilos I felt just a month or two after arriving in Buenos Aires. But besides muffin top building blocks, what exactly are

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gap journey 2

Gap Journey: BA Start-Up with a Twist

Article by Rachael Leonie

“We’re going skydiving. Want to join?” Seconds ago, the young boss had politely excused himself from our interview to take a call, so naturally I was scribbling furiously in my notebook in an attempt to both busy myself

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The Jueves a la Mesa duo, courtesy of their Facebook page.

Jueves a la Mesa: Brand New Location, Same Delicious Vegetarian Eats

Article by Rachael Leonie.

If you’ve ever watched a Hollywood rom-com, you know what a meet-cute is (and if you’ve ever watched The Holiday you’ll remember it outlined perfectly, verbatim). It’s the scene in a movie when a couple comes

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Vivi's View - Beach Sunset

A Response to “Why I Gave Up a 95K Job to Move to an Island” & Ode to the 9-5 Worker

Article by Rachael Leonie.

In response to Cosmopolitan’s “Why I Gave Up a $95,000 Job to Move to an Island and Scoop Ice Cream”

Preface: I usually hate these kinds of articles. The “I’m Cooler Than You Because I Left My Job

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