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cocktails at shout, buenos aires, argentina

Friendship Tereré Cocktails at Shout

I’ve been loud and clear about my general meh attitude for downtown, and that it takes a very special hot

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Your Weekly Event Roundup: Aug 31 – Sept 6

A hand picked selection of the best things to eat, drink, see, and dance to this week.

See An Art Show

Grab a Julep at the bar at Festival before heading upstairs to art space Dinámica (Gorriti 5741) which will be inaugurating

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Food at @ Do Fu, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Authentic Chinese Food in the Middle of Villa Crespo

Chinese food has been ruined for me by one evening where the stars aligned and I had Chinese take-out so delicious it made my toes curl. It was just two years ago, sometime between Christmas and New Years and I was visiting

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Your Weekly Event Roundup: Aug 24th – 30th

A hand picked selection of our favorite things to see, eat, drink and watch this week.

See An Art Show

Once a month the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Av. LIbertador 1473) opens their doors on a Thursday

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Your Weekly Event Roundup, Aug 17th – 23rd

A hand picked selection of our favorite things to do this week.

See An Art Show

Two very different photography shows wrap up. Iluminaciones is a photography exhibit that features photos taken by a group of prisoners at the Ezeiza

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Osaka, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Treat Yo Self to Nikkei at Osaka

For the love of baby Jesus and all that is holy, please don’t be wearing sweat pants, I frantically whatsapped my

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Jungle Gym: Exercise in the Open Air

It’s about 9:30 on a Tuesday morning. Not only am I out of bed but I’ve also eaten breakfast, gotten dressed and am (big breath) exercising. It’s an unusually warm May morning and I’m running laps around the skate

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La Pastronería: BA’s Pastrami Mecca

True to form, pastrami became a thing in Buenos Aires from one day to the next. No aviso previo, not a single heads up, just a hey guys, I’m here. Even a paro naciónal gives a brother some warning

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serenity now

Four Months Without Gas: A Survival Guide

It was a morning like any other. Mid-March, about 9am. I’m making eggs when the portera rings to say that they are turning the gas off for a minute to do some repairs. Edesur was working on new power lines on the block during the

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reina pepiada @ panachef, buenos aires, argentina

Three Venezuelan Restaurants in Five Days

Three Venezuelan Meals. One article. 120 hours. This was the challenge I gladly accepted from my editor Vivi. The Feria de Gastronomía

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