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Family Vacation: Salta Style

I’m a true mountain lover at heart (being a Colorado native, that isn’t too hard to believe). While everyone in Buenos Aires may be saying, “this place would be perfect if only it had a beach!”…I’m on

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48 Hours in Mar Del Plata

6 friends, 1 airbnb apartment, 3 bottles of Tequila, and 48 hours in beautiful Mar del Plata for the perfect weekend getaway.

Our last minute trip to Mar del Plata was inspired by giving a surprise <span style="font-weight

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ira de dios

Behind the Scenes of Art Gallery ‘La Ira de Dios’

I’ve been getting familiar with the Buenos Aires art scene for a while now, bobbing in and out of a few gallery openings, or indulging in the occasional temporary art installation. I’ve taken my curious eyes all

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Street Art in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Exploring the Street Art of San Isidro

Art-lovers alike are lured to Buenos Aires with promises of an erupting Latin American art scene. You can explore history through art at the world-famous MALBA, or for the more unconventional craftsman, the walls of

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The Break Club, Buenos Aires

Take a Break…Literally

Have you ever felt the need to break something? Throw your computer against the wall or smash a bottle in attempt to let off steam? Well, here’s your chance. Welcome to The Break Club.

The Break Club is clearly the black sheep of Palermo. Walk past

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