My Beautiful Air is an Arts & Lifestyle guide for the vibrant city of Buenos Aires.

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We want to share what we love about Buenos Aires so everyone can create their own Beautiful Air.

 My Beautiful Air – a bad translation of Buenos Aires, began as one young woman’s international adventure and quickly transformed into the site you know today — a collaborative resource and inside look at the pulse of the city as told through a first-person perspective. 

Here you will find a curated sampling of creative projects, stories, and events around the city. It can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for in a place as extensive and layered as Buenos Aires, but trust us — it’s there.  Inspired by our own attempts to discover the beautiful parts of the city, we want to share that useful information you wished someone had told you years ago, or even just yesterday.  

By sharing what we love about Buenos Aires, what is close to our own hearts, we hope you find here what is close to yours.




Vivi Rathbone.  Editor in Chief.


Vivi was a scared 23 year old in a pink shirt when she boarded a plane to Buenos Aires, with no plans to return.  The adventures that ensued were difficult, exhilarating, and many.  She started this blog as an attempt to paint a picture of the characters and places of her new life, and defend her choice of moving to a wild foreign city, and staying there.  

After three incredible growth years, she returned Stateside in 2013 and is working for a startup in the travel space.  She continues to direct strategy for My Beautiful Air and Buenos Aires Art Tours, with business partner Kevin Vaughn.  Read Vivi’s articles.

Kevin Vaughn. Managing Editor.  Food Writer.


Kevin arrived to Buenos Aires for good in that inbetween time that occurs right after college and right before adulthood. What began as a year of fun (or serious life planning depending on who he was talking to) has turned into 4 1/2 years and a serious addiction to Porteño slang.

In addition to his writings for My Beautiful Air, Kevin is also the owner and chef at closed door restaurant MASA, co-owner of Buenos Aires Art Tours and a business grad student at the University of Buenos Aires. You will most likely find him anywhere cold beers are served.  Read Kevin’s articles.

Rachael Leonie. Marketing Coordinator, Writer.


Five days into her travels in Buenos Aires, Rachael found a job, an apartment, and a pay phone to call home saying she wouldn’t be returning. One year later and the city continues to captivate her in its buena onda. She uses writing to tell her Buenos Aires love story as she lives the Porteña life.

In addition to writing for My Beautiful Air, Rachael works in the city as an editor and copywriter. When she doesn’t have pen and paper in hand however, you can find her lounging in the back of a taxi, dishing her problems to BA’s cabbie community, petting pups in the city streets, or licking her fingers clean of choripán crumbs.  Read Rachaels’ articles.

Nora Wallenius. Lifestyle & Travel Writer.

Nora’s adventure in Buenos Aires began in September, 2013 with a six month round-trip ticket and a dream of endless wine, steak, and beautiful men. Although the round-trip ticket has long expired, she has continued her search of the best Argentina has to offer.  Nora wants to share Buenos Aires, and all of its perfect imperfections, with anyone who will listen. In addition to community and business outreach for MBA, Nora also shares some of her tips from travels around South America.

In her free time, Nora can be found reading a book at a cafe in Palermo, screaming at a futból stadium, or dining on parrilla until the wee hours with friends. Nora also works in education in Buenos Aires and is passionate about languages and international culture.  Read Nora’s articles.

Sharon Salt. Writer, Photographer.

Like many others, Sharon came to Buenos Aires on a whim, first “just to visit” and then to stay indefinitely. She has been writing for My Beautiful Air since the beginning of 2013, when Vivi swooped in and saved her from the pitfalls of teaching English. Despite all her time in Buenos Aires, she is usually walking the wrong way.

As Sharon continues to write for My Beautiful Air, she also frequents milongas, helps run a puerta cerrada, and hones her metal working skills to develop a collection of jewelry. She is currently pursuing an MFA in creative writing.  Read Sharon’s articles.

Anna Lowe.  Arts Writer.

Anna came to Buenos Aires chasing love and found a way to make her passion for art and museums a reason to stay. As well as writing for My Beautiful Air, Anna works at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes giving tours for English speakers and organising the monthly late night opening of the museum.

In her free time you will find Anna enthusing about mollejas, morcilla and other organ-y parrilla meats or running in the parks of Palermo.  Read Anna’s articles.

Claire McKeever.  Lifestyle & Travel Writer

Claire spent a week in Buenos Aires in October 2013 as part of a wider trip around South America. She loved the city so much that she returned in March 2014 to master her castellano and has been here ever since.
In addition to being a freelance writer, Claire is a keen photographer and works for Foto Ruta, a photography tour company based in Buenos Aires. You’ll either find her with a camera, whizzing around the city on two wheels or quietly reading and sipping on a strong coffee or large glass of Malbec.