Aerial Photography and Video of Buenos Aires

Posted on January 25, 2016 by Vivi in ARTS, MUSIC & VIDEOS

Video created by Hunter Thain, creator and proprietor of Shot Hunters Media – an aerial photography company.  Hunter studied abroad in Buenos Aires in 2011, and returned last year to capture a few favorite places with a new perspective.  Enjoy these beautiful aerial photos of Buenos Aires taken from a drone, and check out Shot Hunters Media for more.  (Facebook, Instagram)

Buenos Aires Biggest street in the world amazing view

Buenos Aires Aerial photography drone shot hunters

Buenos Aires Obelisk aerial photo

9 de julio buenos aires view from above

Recoleta Buenos Aires Aerial Photos

Buenos Aires Flower Statue Aerial PHoto

REcoleta Cemetery view from above

Buenos Aires Plaza Aerial Photos

Buenos Aires Law School

buenos aires at dusk aerial photography

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