The Villa Crespo Clan: Club Cultural Matienzo

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Club Cultural Matienzo breathes culture and spawns innovation. It’s a pulsating space; a living organism enveloped by a membrane of graffitied walls. Eighty workers –macromolecules of ideas, plans, and schedules– circulate through the building’s veins. Despite the constant movement and clash of ideas inside, this organism holds strong, constantly working towards its end goal: to produce, diffuse, and let prosper the creations of Buenos Aires’ artists and innovators.

CC Matienzo

Tuesdays through Sundays beginning at 5pm, CCM opens its doors to the public. Tourists, expats, and locals alike gather inside (entrance to the club is free) for good cheap beer and food before deciding which show or event to attend that evening.  It may be the opera Orpheus you’re interested in that day, or that month’s interactive art installation you’d like to see; perhaps you want to grab a fernet and enjoy the tunes of Lulacruza; or take part in the club’s fiction writing workshop. The choice is yours, the options are endless, and Club Cultural Matienzo has much to offer.

CC Matienzo

The Birth of CCM

A close knit group of friends launched Club Cultural Matienzo in 2008. The five Argentines created the club wanting to generate and draw attention to BA’s culture and talent. (Ask any of the five original owners today however and they’ll proudly tell you that CCM isn’t there’s specifically, but rather belongs to all who come and decide to take a piece of ownership for themselves.) The club prospered at it’s Belgrano location for five years before overwhelming success, and the need for more space and amenities, moved Matienzo to its current Villa Crespo location at Pringles 1249.

CC Matienzo

Call it a Club –Not a Center

CCM isn’t your typical “cultural center” –as a matter of fact, it’s not a center at all but rather a club. So what’s the difference? Patrons may visit a cultural center once or twice for a workshop or film screening, but a club retains members dedicated to a particular interest; in this case, culture through art and innovation. Matienzo is a space to generate ideas and make them come to life through projects: anyone can start the process, join, or reap the fruits of its labor once it’s complete. For the club’s full effect, patrons are urged to make it a habit to head to Matienzo whether it just be to grab a beer or drop by to see the latest art exhibit. The more a “member” (a term bestowed whether you go just once or twenty times) goes, the more they get out of the club by exploring new interests and partaking in different activities.

CC Matienzo

Club Cultural Matienzo

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