Big Little Pieces of Street Art in Buenos Aires

Posted on November 18, 2015 by Daniela Pafundi in ARTS

The colorful and chaotic walls of Buenos Aires make the city a dynamic, constantly curated gallery.  Eclectic and ever moving, a viewer can have the sensation of being transported from Paris to San Paolo in a single block.  Normative definitions of public and private space are challenged, as is the iconic status that museum paintings hold.  Buenos Aires street art is ephemeral, the walls are an ever-changing canvas of a city constantly expressing itself in new ways.

_DSC0001-1-1Barracas, Buenos Aires

FORA Federación Obrera Regional Argentina © Daniela PafundiFORA Federación Obrera Regional Argentina

Lean Frizzera © Daniela PafundiLean Frizzera

Barracas, Buenos Aires ©Daniela PafundiBarracas, Buenos Aires

Martín Ron © Daniela PafundiMartín Ron

Mart © Daniela PafundiMart and Pol Corona

El Pelado Segatori © Daniela Pafundi

El Pelado Segatori

El Pelado Segatori © Daniela PafundiEl Pelado Segatori

Cooperativa de Trabajo Vieytes © Daniela PafundiCooperativa de Trabajo Vieytes

PumPum Gualicho Sam © Daniela Pafundi

PumPum, Gualicho, Sam

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  1. OH. I just noticed. The piece that’s attributed to just Mart is a collaboration between Mart and Pol Corona, whose work is within the wheels of Mart’s bike.

  2. Thanks for showing part of the amazing walls in Buenos Aires. Let me add that the chain of hands at Ghelco is by Gaia, who worked together with Nanook on the factory’s façade.


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