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Posted on October 28, 2015 by Grace Portillo in ARTS, MUSIC & VIDEOS

You know what really does it for me? Waking up to a hot cup of coffee and discovering new music. It’s part of my morning ritual. My first taste of Fémina was this video filmed for their song Deshice de mí while playing Pete the Monkey Festival in the north of France during their first tour through Europe. I love that feeling when something catches your eye, I call it passionate curiosity, and that was the drive I needed to start following these girls musical steps.

I started with their first album, “Deshice de mi”, which was recorded in their native San Martín de los Andes. You can quickly decide if you like a musical style, and it’s even more interesting when that style is hard to pinpoint because it’s been influenced by a mix of genres. It got me. I was intrigued. It was when I stumbled across their second album, “Traspasa” which I must have bopped my head to more that 8 times this weekend, when I decided that I wanted to interview these talented ladies. And that is how I spent my Friday morning getting to know FÉMINA, which is made up by sisters Clara (aka Wewi) and Sofia (aka Toti) Trucco and lifelong friend Clara Miglioli.

Fémina was born in 2004, and I got our video interview started by asking if they thought their essence had been conserved or if diverse influences had taken their style someplace new.

“We are always mutating but we do manage somehow to stay open to everything that is happening, that was there from the start”.

When the project started, Fémina’s format was different, they used to drop rhymes on top of Sound System tracks. They started expanding the boundaries of rap music and redirected into an acoustic path. I was curious about the name of their second album, which transported me somewhere breezy and free of worries.

“There’s a song in this album, La Piel, that talks about how certain things trespass your soul, that’s what we try to accomplish with our music, we try to transmit a message with joy but maintain its depth.”


There is not specific method to composing a song, which I can relate to. They prefer some more pure; a laid back approach that lets the music flow out naturally. Every song is different, especially since they all three write, sing and play instruments. There are times when they ripple with a chorus that catches their attention and others when something from another song gives birth to something new.

They came to Buenos Aires at age 19. The move was a big shock that stimulated something new in them. Nature is what keeps them grounded, but the city opened new doors that enabled them to tour around Argentina, hitting up Patagonia and spreading their magic through the coast. Last year they left the country and toured in Europe and Mexico. They received positive feedback, and I see why.

2016 is looking great for these talented women, with new projects from all three ladies! Wewi, besides her work as an artist and illustrator, has another project called “Weste” with Uruguayan musician Igna Perez. Their most recent collaboration, an eclectic album titled “Visceras”, is worth a listen. Toti, who is also a dancer, is currently working on an independent project with Luis Maurette of Lulacruza – I can’t wait to get my hands on that – and a semi-regular hip hop history and dance class. Clara Miglioli has a solo album titled “Claridad” which is a beautiful chill out and rap fusion. Together, they are working on a new album with plans to tour in the US in the upcoming year.


Upcoming Shows

Friday Oct 30th, 9pm

Santos4040, Santos Dumont 4040, Chacarita

$80 Anticipada / $100 Puerta

Friday 13th of November

Casa del Bicentenario, Riobamba 985, Plaza de Mayo

Plaza de Mayo


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