48 Hours in Mar Del Plata

Posted on October 13, 2015 by Hillary Skeffington in TRAVEL

6 friends, 1 airbnb apartment, 3 bottles of Tequila, and 48 hours in beautiful Mar del Plata for the perfect weekend getaway.

Our last minute trip to Mar del Plata was inspired by giving a surprise despedida de soltera (bachelorette party) to one of our closest friends. And where more perfect to host a last-minute bachelorette party than Argentina’s most cherished seaside city? Itching to get take a break from the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires, we planned the trip on Monday, purchased our bus tickets Wednesday, and were on our way 5 hours south of Buenos Aires to magical, Mar del Plata. We had 48 hours, a mostly sunny forecast, and the city at our feet for a perfect end-of-winter vacation next to the sea.

Here’s how we fell in love with La Feliz:

Day 1

After a bumpy (and smelly) 5 hour bus ride, we arrived in Mar del Plata at the ripe hour of 6:30am groggy, sleep deprived, and hungry. We immediately checked into our airbnb apartment, threw our bags on the ground, and nestled our heads into the comforts of a real bed for a good 3-hour nap before feeling human enough to explore the city.

Eager to get out the door, we were feeling rather hangry and needed to settle our grumbling tummies before enjoying all the city had to offer. We went to eat at a local restaurant in what could best be described as the Palermo of Mar del Plata. Chic clothing stories, quaint outdoor cafes, and restaurants for the plenty lined a 4-block radius. We sat down at local restaurant, gorged ourselves with a delicious burger, grabbed quick coffee, and were on our way to the most anticipated part of the trip, the beach.

Mar Del Plata, Argentina

Sand between our toes, waves crashing against rocks, seashells in our hands and saltair in our lungs, we had arrived at the beautiful Playa Grande of Mar del Plata. Brave surfers in their full-body suits embraced the chilling water eager to grab a couple of waves. Morning swimmers were already relaxing in the sun, mates in hand, enjoying the beautiful day. Rolling up our jeans we dipped our toes into the bitter-cold sea.

Mar Del Plata, Argentina

After a few much needed hours enjoying the beach, we headed back to our humble abode for a quick nap before getting ready for the night.

Per recommendation from a Mar del Platense, we took our curious tummies to the locally favored restaurant,  La Gua Gua to indulge in some excellent Mexican food. Between the super WA WA pitcher of margarita, and the super burritos, we were drowning ourselves in a Mexican feast. For those of you in Mar del Plata looking for a quality meal that won’t break the bank, La Gua Gua is a must. Excellent service, well-sized portions, delicious food and drinks, and you too will be dreaming of Mexican food for days to come.

Mar del Plata is just as much well known for its beach as it is it’s nightlife. Boliches are scattered across the shoreline where club-goers can dance the night away inside, and dip their toes in the water come sunrise. Interested to see what the scene would be like pre-tourist season, we ventured to popular boliche Samsara to get the scoop on the scene, and it didn’t disappoint. We danced the night away to an eclectic mix of mainstream pop and cumbia until the early hours of the morning.

Day 2

Nothing better than soft, fluffy medialunas to cure a night of dancing and tequila. Distinct from the regular array of facturas offered in your local Buenos Aires bakery, Mar del Plata’s croissants are distinct, yet no less wonderful. Maintaining their golden, crescent shaped flakey goodness, these medialunas are more soft and airy, with the perfect balance of finger-licking butter, yet not nearly as overwhelming sweet as the ones in Buenos Aires.

Keeping with the food-theme, we had our stomachs set on finding fresh fish. Well-known and highly acclaimed restaurant, Chichilo, satisfied all our seafood dreams. Applauding the waiters as plate after plate came out, we could barely contain ourselves before diving headfirst into the food. Piles of squid soaked in lemon, shrimp dipped in a delicious marinade, and paella so fresh the squid tentacles were bursting with steam, we were in seafood heaven with no signs of holding back.


Mar Del Plata, Argentina

And finally, what better way to end a fantastic trip to La Feliz complete with beach time, a night out, and seafood than to watch some sea lions soak in the sun. These large, grandiose animals are a sight to see. They bark and fight, and smell something awful, but nonetheless, a popular attraction for families alike.

Mar Del Plata, Argentina

If you find yourself with no weekend plans and an nagging need to get out of the city, plan a trip to Mar del Plata for some much needed rest and relaxation. Gorge yourself with seafood, dip your toes into the ocean, and enjoy the city on the sea.



  1. This makes me so happy 🙂 LOVE La Feliz!!! Great coverage, Hillary. You make me want to go back.

  2. Aaaaaaaaaah, Mardel, the city of my childhood Summer holidays! Happy memories and endless days in Varese beach! I haven’t been back since my last visit in 1994, I need to go back sometime!

  3. Who decided to bring 3 bottles of tequila?! 😉 great article hillary


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