Buenos Aires Weekly Event Roundup: Oct 5 – 11

Posted on October 6, 2015 by Kevin Vaughn in VISIT BUENOS AIRES

A hand picked selection of our favorite things to see, eat, listen to, dance with this week in Buenos Aires.

See An Art Show

Two shows by two of our favorite artists this week. Prolific street artist Diego Roa will be doing a live installation at the magazine launch party for Revista Loop on Wednesday evening. And on Friday, Fede Lamas will be presenting his new book Hellish Visions. Lamas is an illustrator who creates parallel realities in a single drawing; the naked eye sees one image but with the help of 3-D glasses a different reality lurks underneath. His book and new work will be on display at Moebius on Friday. Other shows this week include the dreamy drawings of Lucas Marin at El Mirador on Thursday, or intercontinental collaboration between Argentine and British photographers at Panal, with a collaborative documentary photo exhibit. The MACBA will be collaborating with indie rock band Entre Rios over the weekend to create an audiovisual album release party. The band will play music from their new album while images flash on 80 pillars that surround the stage. You can catch the show live on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening.

Catch A Film

Wednesday through the entire following week, the Festival de cine inusual will be taking over a handful of art house cinemas across the city. The festival has curated more than 35 unusual Argentine films, documentaries and shorts from the last year. Highlights this week include Chacabuco, about a teenage girl that returns to live with her father for the summer, and El nacimiento del mal, about a murder in a small town that continues to haunt it’s residents three decades later. For the full list of films and screenings, click here. For the film geeks, the CC San Martin is playing a retrospective of Heinosuke Gosho – the first Japanese director to shoot a talking film. Check out the full schedule here. Over at BAMA, you can catch the German film Victoria, about a young Spanish girl in Berlin who befriends a group of locals and inadvertently becomes an accomplice to a crime.

Eat Good Food

Get your gordo on over at Panachef, the Venezuelan joint that celebrates street food every weekend with special Venezuelan treats. Head over and try a pepito (kind of like a hoagie) or one of their gargantuan hamburgers. Le Petit Mercado is back this Sunday, go for lunch or an early dinner (or stay all day, no judgement) and try out food from around the world including arepas, bao, wings and kebabs.

the burger at panachef, buenos aires, argentina

Let’s Party

If you feel like dancing, Shamrock Basement will be throwing a trip house party on Saturday with music by Los Gonzalez. For something completely different, check out the Colombian cumbia and salsa party Noche Cumbanchera, this semi secret party is in a private location and you have to email the organizers for the exact address.

Check Out A Concert

Santiago Vazquez (of Bomba del Tiempo fame) is back with La Grande at the Chacarita theater and art space Santos Dumont 4040. Vazquez and his percussion band will be playing with guest artists Miss Bolivia and Villa Diamante. If you are itching to see British band Foals but can’t scratch enough paper together to see them, Soria will be hosting a pre-party with tickets on raffle on Thursday. Over the weekend you have your choice of a few indie rock shows. On Friday, the spacey rock band Niños del Parque will be playing with Atrás hay truenos at Naranja Verde, and The Pupilos and The Black Future will be playing at art gallery Nora Fisch. On Saturday, Festival Ahora will be bringing together rock bands DIETRICH, JVLIAN and Santi Les Amis at the CC Konex. Put on those dance shoes.

Did we miss something? What are you up to this week?

Throughout the Week

Cine: Festival de cine inusual @ various locations, check showings here

Cine: Heinosuke Gosho retrospective @ Teatro San Martin, Av. Corrientes 1530, Microcentro

Cine: Victoria @ BAMA, Av. Roque Saenz Peña 1150, Microcentro, showtimes here

Art/Music: Entre Rios art and music installation @ MACBA, Avenida San Juan 328, San Telmo, Fri, Sat, Sun, 7pm


Music: La Grande feat. Miss Bolivia and Villa Diamante @ Santos 4040, Santos Dumont 4040, Chacarita, 7:30


Art: Diego Roa, Revista Loop Launch Party @ Naranja Verde, Av. Santa Fe 1284 (left doorbell), Recoleta, 7pm


Art: Lucas Martin @ El Mirador, Brasil 301, San Telmo, 7pm

Music: Foals preparty @ Soria, Gorriti 5151, Palermo Soho, 8pm


Art: Fede Lamas book release @ Moebius, Bulnes 658, Almagro, 7pm

Music: The Pupilos and The Black Future @ Nora Fisch, Av. Cordoba 5222, Palermo Soho, 7:30pm

Music: Niños del Parque and Atrás hay truenos @ Naranja Verde, Av. Santa Fe 1284 (left doorbell), Recoleta, 11pm


Art: Ciudades Miradas photo exhibit @ Panal, Jean Jaures 361, Abasto, 7pm

Food: Street food @ Panachef, Sanchez de Bustamante 1470, Barrio Norte, 7:30pm

Music: DIETRICH, JVLIAN and Santi Les Amis @ CC Konex, Sarmiento 3131, Abasto, 11pm

Party: Noche Cumbanchera @ inbox for address, San Telmo, 10pm

Party: Trip house party @ Shamrock Basement, Rodriguez Peña 1220, Barrio Norte, midnight


Food: Le Petit Mercado @ Galpon Milagros, Gorriti 5417, Palermo Soho, noon

Food: Street food @ Panachef, Sanchez de Bustamante 1470, Barrio Norte, 7:30pm

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