Behind the Scenes of Art Gallery ‘La Ira de Dios’

Posted on September 24, 2015 by Hillary Skeffington in ARTS

I’ve been getting familiar with the Buenos Aires art scene for a while now, bobbing in and out of a few gallery openings, or indulging in the occasional temporary art installation. I’ve taken my curious eyes all the way to San Isidro, and have ventured within the narrowest streets of San Telmo, all in search of finding expression revealed through complex color palettes, unique mediums, and awe-inspiring art forms. However, never had I been able to experience the locations where these incredible works of art are made, when in fact, these are the spaces where creativity meets reality, where quiet thoughts turn into big ideas, and where artists truly develop their craft. Little did I know that hidden in the quiet streets of Villa Crespo, a mere 6 block from my own apartment, lies La Ira de Dios, a young gallery home to artists merging together engaging, sharing, and creating incredible, provocative works of art.

La Ira de Dios, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Ira de Dios, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

top: the gallery before renovation, below: one of many of the spaces’ resident studios

“La Ira de Dios” translated from Spanish into English means “The Wrath of God”. Upon realizing this, I would be lying if I said my mind didn’t half expect/hope this space would look like a scene straight out of a cheesy religious movie – God bellowing down to earth, casting lightning bolts onto humanity, with fires cascading over countrysides, all in the name of God’s wrath against evil. Though not even slightly resembling anything like that, La Ira de Dios is conjuring up something cosmic, and you don’t want to miss out.

Just over a year old, Gallery owners Pablo and Karina established the space as a nonprofit association to work as a platform where new artists and people interested in cultural management and public policy could express their ideas freely. The artistic mentality of this space could best be described as, “creating without limits”, and it does just that.

Located a few blocks from the popular Villa Crespo outlets, the gallery can be easily missed. From the outside, you can see a large, two-story building painted red, and on the entrance door a quaint sign with “La Ira de Dios” written on it. But inside, is an artist’s dream. High ceilings, large rooms, and white, barren walls, I could smell the fresh coat of paint. Large wooden desks peak out from the second floor where artists participating in the residency program at La Ira de Dios can develop their craft.

La Ira de Dios, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Ira de Dios, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

the gallery plans seminars for residents and guests, including a visit from French curator and writer Nicolás Bourriaud (below)

The initiative behind La Ira de Dios and its owners is characterized by displaying and disseminating the work of emerging artists by providing a place of exchange and discussion, where they can materialize ideas from their own research and free experience. In doing so, the gallery offers three, month long residencies for 10-12 people looking for a space to develop and create freely. Additionally, they host frequent exhibits of Argentine artists ranging anywhere from grandiose installations to smaller, abstract pieces. The versatile space is ideal for any type of project, big or small.

Currently, La Ira de Dios is hosting artist Ayelen Coccoz and her exhibition “Still”, an abstract installation. “Still” refers to a captured frame, a single moment in time. It’s a series of sculptures that capture and mute the vulnerable, calm, still moments. Coccoz and her installation will be on display until Oct. 17th.

La Ira de Dios, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Ira de Dios

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