Top 10 Buenos Aires Brunch Spots

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Brunch is always a good idea. I mean, who can argue with mimosas before midday, crispy bacon and eggs done in the most spectacular fashion? Yep, no one.

The Argentines have thankfully become accustomed to the breakfast / lunch combo and they’re doing a darn fine job of serving up feasts to keep hunger at bay until steak time (well, perhaps a late afternoon empanada thrown in too).

And so, if you’re after a mid morning fix, here’s a list of the top ten places in Buenos Aires to grab a brunch fit for a king or queen (or maybe those just after a recovery meal of some sort):


Gorriti 5870, Palermo Hollywood

Olsen Buenos Aires Brunch Palermo Hollywood Salmon Gravleaux

Behind a thick wooden fence and a tropical garden appears what seems to be a German glass-made Datcha from the seventies. Welcome to Olsen. This place is one of the most quiet and peaceful places of Buenos Aires.

You will be pleased by the simplicity yet uniqueness of the menu, offering a mix between Scandinavia and Argentina influences: blinis with smoked salmon, pancetta, and lump roe.

But what we really like about this place (besides the stunning building it sits in) is the selection of vodka-based cocktails to accompany your brunch – a very important brunch staple. So, if you’re suffering from a resaca on a Sunday morning then the only answer is to order an Olsen Bloody Mary – straight up.


Avenida Caseros 454, San Telmo

HierbaBuena - Buenos Aires Brunch - French Toast

This place is a bit of a gem, with its fresh herbs displayed out front, cute white antique seating, and (most importantly) the somewhat healthy but delicious menu. The tostado (fresh bread, cream cheese and jam combo) or eggs benedict are pretty exceptional if you’re looking for something to fill you up for a bit longer or there are a range of nutritious and surprisingly filling salads, as well as the restaurant’s much love veggie burger. Definitely a good brunch option for the healthier bruncher!

Sat along the pretty Avenida Caseros, its far enough away from the busier parts of San Telmo (particularly on Sundays when this might be a nice hideaway from the markets). And, as you sit outside gazing upwards, you’ll be spoiled by the best architecture this city affords. Can’t ask for more than that, can you?



A homely and quaint cafe, Malvon’s two locations in Villa Crespo and Palermo Botanico have a brunch combo that will require lots of post brunch recovery time so consider yourself warned. Your brunch experience will include ALL of the following: yoghurt, granola, muffins, basket of fresh breads (including a tasty corn bread), one main (BBQ ribs, eggs benedict, frittata, and mac & cheese to name a few), all served with coffee and fresh orange juice.

Basically, you’ll want to come with an empty stomach for this brunch extravaganza.


Soler 5862, Palermo Hollywood

Fierro (1)

UCO, the newly refurbished and rebranded restaurant at Fierro Hotel, is a great option for  brunch, especially if you’re after something a bit special.

Brunch is a set menu, that includes the following (and in this order): a glass of bubbly, homemade cinnamon flavoured granola with fresh yoghurt, a selection of breads and pastries, cured meats and fine cheeses, a choice of either an Irish breakfast or eggs royale with trout, then a dessert and espresso coffee to finish. Total “rico”.

Although UCO is a slightly more expensive option for brunch, the flavours, amount of food that’s laid in front of you, special surroundings and attentive staff make it more than worth it.


República Árabe Siria 3061, Palermo Botanico

Birkin Buenos Aires Restaurant Palermo Botanico

Based in the up and coming area of Palermo Botanico, Birkin is definitely somewhere the other half go to brunch; customers and their tiny dogs filling up outside tables and tribley-wearing waiters sweeping past you.

Fortunately, it’s still somewhere us mere mortals can have our brunch date and not cost a fortunate. This place serves up excellent frittatas, epic salads and daily specials that won’t disappoint. There are great lighter meals on offer too, including medialunas, granola, fresh orange juice and coffee.


Nicaragua 6068 & 6099, Palermo Hollywood

Oui Oui

As the name suggests, this marvelous café features the finest French-inspired brunches you can imagine, mixing great American classics (it has even been suggested that they offer the best eggs Benedict of the whole city) with French culinary improvisations. They also have the best homemade french fries you will be able to find in Palermo (do realise this is coming from a French person).

This place may even have become a victim of its own success, becoming pretty crowded during weekends, with even another base opening up just across the street.  Just note, one should definitely wake up a bit earlier than one would expect on a weekend if you’ve any chance of a seat.


Cuba 1985, Belgrano


The inside of this place looks like something you’d find on a Pinterest board; embroidered lamp shades, colourful tables and flower features fill up the inside then outside is a wonderfully decorated window… Lets put it this way, it’s no surprise to hear that “Mooi” means “beautiful” in dutch.

Thankfully the food is a good match for the decor and the brunch menu is far from disappointing, offering a choice of waffles, yogurt, fruit and granola combos, bagels with scrambled eggs and delicious wraps and, like most places, a coffee and orange juice thrown in for good measure.

Café Crespin

Vera 699 – Villa Crespo


If we haven’t talked you into going to Villa Crespo for Malvon experience (see above), then we maybe might with Café Crespin…

Picture yourself in an old school café, with a huge bay window that almost looks like the painting ‘Nighthawks’ by Edward Hopper and half a dozen tables aligned perfectly for a great view of inside or out… Then imagine a great menu, and you’ve arrived to Café Crespin. The best brunch option (only served on the weekend) is the estrellado. This plate for two (despite its local name) is an American-inspired brunch, including: egg muffins, hash browns, smoked lomito, pancakes and scrambled eggs.

This places is where you’ll find the best quality, quantity and small prices.


Honduras 6 100 / Soldado de la Independencia 670 – Palermo Hollywood / Las Cañitas


Let it be said, brunch at Decata is probably best enjoyed atop its incredibly sunny terrace. So, instead of wasting time on the first two floors, rush directly to the exceptionally well-lit rooftop of this old and dignified building.

You are there? Good. You can now order the brunch for two from the waiter, the composition of which depends on the cook’s mood. The place is a pastelería, which means they’re pretty good at making cakes and sweet tortas, but their salmon brunch is completely worthwhile as well.

Some say that the waiters are really slow, but you can take it as a part of the Buenos Aires experience…


Gurruchaga 1418 – Palermo Soho


I know what you’re thinking… Another predictable Palermo option. But take our word for it, this is not your typical brunch spot….

First of all (despite its fancy location), this place is pretty reasonable. Then, when you know the meaning of Pehache (a “Propiedad Horizontal” or “PH” (pronounced “Pi-atché”), you’ll know it’s a real estate property located in the backyard of a building. So, not your average brunch stop off really.

In a few words, Pehache offers a haven of peace, quiet, and culinary bliss in the middle of bustling Palermo. The two-person brunch speaks for itself: medialunas, fresh limonade and ginger, scrambled eggs with panceta, chocotorta,french toast, plus tea or coffee.

Done, done and done.

Article by Claire McKeever and Arnaud Paillard.

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