5 Designers to Fill A Stylish Male Wardrobe

Posted on August 27, 2015 by Sophie Lloyd in ARTS, VISIT BUENOS AIRES

In a city dominated by unfamiliar name brands and designers, it’s hard to know where to start in your wardrobe-shopping quest away from familiar contenders like Zara, Lacoste and Penguin, particularly if you’re a guy that doesn’t really like to shop. While the Palermo Soho neighborhood would be the obvious place to start, chock-full of stylish-looking menswear boutiques and dapper-looking porteños walking the streets, you need to exercise a bit of caution as prices tags are high and the quality of the materials and finish doesn’t always equate. However, if you’re looking for something a little more unique for your wardrobe that you won’t see every man and his dog wearing, there are some menswear boutiques and showrooms a little off the beaten track, which are on point on both style and budget. Here are my top five picks for men’s shopping in Buenos Aires.


Menswear @ Dinamarca, Buenos Aires, Argentina dinamarca2

photo provided by Dinamarca

Founded by a group of Argentine friends, Dinamarca has been on the scene for quite some time now. They previously sold their collection online and out of a private showroom in Palermo Hollywood but the hip, young brand has recently opened up its first boutique in Palermo Hollywood. A staunch supporter of the lumberjack shirt, Dinamarca offers it in a variety of colors alongside a selection of other playful printed shirts (including one with a hood), sweaters, jackets, and a new line of slim-fit jeans in a range of colors to round out the casual, urban look. And what looks like an unassuming white-washed wooden cupboard at the back of the shop opens up onto a hidden dressing room in the back.


apuesto2 apuestombaapuesto6

photo provided by Apuesto

While there are innumerable men’s shoe boutiques dotted all over town, one of my personal favorites is Apuesto whose slickly-appointed boutique is also tucked away in Palermo Hollywood away from the main shopping circuit. Their handmade leather shoes and boots beautifully displayed across an entire wall strike the perfect balance between style and functionality. Their desert boots that come in a range of neutral shades are a fail-safe option and their smart leather sneakers are one step up from the everyman Converse-style sneakers on the streets. The boutique also carries a small line of men’s clothing and accessories, including silk handkerchiefs.

El Burgués

Menswear @ El Burgues, Buenos Aires, Argentina El-Burgues-3

photo courtesy of El Burgués

While this menswear label isn’t exactly off the beaten track and you’ll find their boutique in most of the malls in the city, it makes the cut as it has all your dapper wardrobe needs covered, from slim fitting shirts to sharply tailored blazers and pants, coats, bowties, neckties and other slick, fashion-forward garments and accessories (and they’re not afraid of a splash of pink or florals). While it’s a more upscale option, you’re getting better quality for your buck and the pieces generally fit well. If your budget doesn’t equate with the price tags in their Palermo boutique, check out the sale items and past seasons’ stock in their Villa Crespo outlet (Aguirre 852).

Delly Bags

Menswear @ Delly Bags, Buenos Aires, Argentina delly2 delly3

photo courtesy of Delly Bags

For your modern-day man bag needs, Delly has a stylish assortment of satchels, travel bags, briefcases, portfolios, wallets and other accessories. The unique pieces are a cut above your standard leather goods, all fashioned out of canvas and treated leather in different textures and colours, with edgy metal hardware details.


Menswear @ Revolver, Buenos Aires, Argentina revolver2 revolver3

photo courtesy of Revolver

While the secret showroom trend is nothing new on the women’s fashion scene, the underground shopping scene for men has been lagging behind until recently when a wave of new appointment-only menswear showrooms have started popping up around the city. Fledgling menswear label Ropa Revolver, headed by designer Ignacio Catteneo, has just opened a new showroom space in the Palermo Zoológico neighbourhood offering a collection of soft cotton printed tees, chinos and other snappy, smart casual duds, as well as a small line of leather boots and shoes. 

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