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Posted on July 23, 2015 by Hillary Skeffington in VISIT BUENOS AIRES

Have you ever felt the need to break something? Throw your computer against the wall or smash a bottle in attempt to let off steam? Well, here’s your chance. Welcome to The Break Club.

The Break Club is clearly the black sheep of Palermo. Walk past the hip restaurants, clothing stores, and cafes and you will find something that has been to designed to look like a still out of Fight Club. The Break Club is illuminated in blue on the back wall, and recycled computers, bottles, televisions, and other office and household items are scattered throughout the space. The vibe is bland, yet uncomfortably lurid. The desaturated color scheme can be seen on everything from the couch to the paint on the walls. It felt unnervingly real, yet simultaneously unfamiliar.

The Break Club, Buenos Aires

I sat in the lounge area with Guido, the man who created the club about 3 years ago. He grew up in Buenos Aires, and then lived in Germany and Spain where he studied and worked in transportation industrial design. Upon realizing that his passions laid elsewhere, he moved back to Buenos Aires and decided to invest in what would soon become The Break Club.

When asked where he found the inspiration for TBC he replied, “Ever feel like you’re swimming but you don’t know you’re in the ocean. You’re just swimming to survive?”

I couldn’t help but identify with this abstract, yet unnervingly relatable statement. I wake up, go to work, work some more, go home, and prepare for the exact same thing the next day. But is that really living? Guido and TBC seek to challenge this. His words rang true, we aren’t meant to function in a pre-ordained, static environment. We need to challenge this way of living and distinguish ourselves from the various facets of our lives. We shouldn’t work to live, and we shouldn’t live to work.

So how does The Break Club challenge that?

It’s a 3 step process; safety, break, and relax. In the first phase, you dress yourself in the necessary safety gear and choose from around 15 different types of bats to break stuff with. Meanwhile, the break room is being set up with your choice of items. Computers, bottles, and tvs are at your disposal, and you can even bring in your own items. Once ready, you are ushered into the break room where you may begin.

The Break Club, Buenos Aires

And the most important part, the experience is all about you. You choose what to break, you choose what music to listen to, and you choose when to start and finish. It’s in a controlled environment with full customization.

It’s hard to put my 15 minutes it into words. It felt like I was jumping off a cliff, but my feet were still on the ground. A completely adrenaline-filled activity, but utterly distinct from anything I’ve felt before. In short, I felt alive, like there was a sense of detachment from what otherwise would have been a typical Tuesday night. Although I lack the correct vocabulary to express how I felt, I can confidently say that afterwards I was relieved, relaxed, and regenerated.

And so, if that feeling to break something surfaces, I encourage you to do it! The Break Club is a prime opportunity to quench that inherent feeling to just break something.

The Break Club, Buenos Aires, Argentina


The Break Club, Buenos Aires, Argentina


“At the time, my life just seemed too complete, and maybe we have to break everything to make something better out of ourselves.” –  Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club


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  1. Excelente nota! Muy entretenida e interesante!

    Obviamente voy a ir a romper todo, ahora me quede con las ganas…


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