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Posted on May 19, 2015 by Lauren Dulberg in EXPAT

Eating organic in Buenos Aires takes a bit of work and planning, but the extra effort is worth every delicious bite. Some of you may know that Monsanto is in full force here in Argentina and many of the local workers have taken the brunt of it. On a personal level, I have two little boys who I would prefer not to eat chemically laden food so I try my hardest to follow my own advice. I also recommend this way of eating to most of my patients, especially those seeking fertility help or hormonal balance. Here is how I do it here in Buenos Aires:

Find your local markets

There are two major weekly markets: El galpon and Mercado Bonpland. Each are open a few days a week, and have their food sourced from a handful of local organic farms in the Buenos Aires province.

Mercado de economía solitaria Bonpland

Bonpland 1660, 10am to close Tuesday, Friday and Saturday

There are a number of great vendors with fresh produce, organic chicken, eggs, dairy products as well as dried goods and beverages like local wines and craft beers. There is even some yummy smelling soaps! Protip: grab a bite at the little bar at the entrance that offers fresh juice, delicious food and baked goods.

El Galpon

Federico Lacroze 4171, 9am to 6pm Wednesday and Saturday

El Galpon is an old train house at the end of a cobblestone alleyway next to the Federico Lacroze station. Sounds a bit like a journey to never never land? It kind of is. Going to El Galpon feels a bit like venturing outside of Buenos Aires for a few moments. Outside there is an organic garden, an asador, and people selling everything from wooden instruments to salt crystals. Inside is a lovely market equipt with their own restaurant and vendors selling everything from organic produce, dry goods, essential oils, cheeses, chicken, eggs and even goat milk!

photo courtesy of El Galpon facebook page

photo courtesy of El Galpon facebook page

More Organic Markets:

Buenos Aires Market

Traveling market, happens monthly

The Buenos Aires market is a cornucopia of organic products, hand made delicacies and a wide variety of food truck type gourmet deliciousness. Definitely crowded so be sure to go early.


Juncal 1626, open Monday through Saturday

A lovely store in Recoleta selling organic products, some produce  and health foods as well as some catering and gluten free products. 


Humboldt 2192, open daily

When one tires of all of the carne in BA, BIO is the place to go. For years it was one of my favorite veggie restaurants and now offers a plethora of organic products. You can even find the holy grail of health food there (a.k.a coconut oil). Anyone who is a fan knows just how difficult it can be to track that stuff down.

photo courtesy of Buenos Aires Market facebook

photo courtesy of Buenos Aires Market facebook page

Or don’t find a market, just wait for the doorbell to ring..

Like ice cream, pizza and whatever else you can think of; Buenos Aires is all about DELIVERY. So sit back, enjoy the day in the comfort of your own home and get some organic good to your door. The quality is not always as good as picking out your own produce at the markets and the cost is usually around double but it makes getting organics very easy.

Here are a few:

Tallo Verde, Jardin Organico and Verdes Sabores

For more deliveries, restaurants that may serve Organics and small markets check here for a website dedicated to organics in Buenos Aires.

Note: main photo taken courtesy of Bio: Solo Orgánico facebook page


Lauren Dulberg is the Owner and Doctora of Chinese Medicine at Acupuncture Buenos Aires and mother of two little beautiful boys living la vida loca in Baires.


  1. I love El Galpon!! Best place to buy yogurt and dried pineapple 🙂 Great article. Thanks for the tips, Lauren.

  2. Thanks for the post, Lauren!

    There’s also San Telmo Verde Feria Organica on Perú 677 in San Telmo, but just on Tuesdays and Fridays.


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