April In Buenos Aires / A Review In Photos

Posted on April 29, 2015 by Vivi in ARTS

These photos of the city have been collected from an incredible group of photographers on Instagram.  Stay up to date on the best photos of the city, follow @mybeautifulair.

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Pilar Shining in Recoleta

Photo by @Flopereira (Check out her fashion blog / Penny Lane)

instagram / architecture / recoleta / @flopereira

Buen Dia Buenos Aires

Photo by @mariieraymond

instagram / sunset / @mariieraymond

Soft Fall Light Falls on Retiro

Photo by @ozzcasale

instagram / architecture / retiro / @ozzcasaleAn Afternoon In El Centro

Photo by @santi.repetto

instagram / architecture / @santi.repetto

Tree Lined Streets

Photo by @nit77 

instagram / trees / street view / @nit77

Light Hits Teatro Colon

Photo by @mary_martinez

instagram / teatro colon / @mary_martinez

If Magritte Went To the Verduleria

Photo by @matipix (check out his photography)

instagram / verduleria / @matipix

 A Peek of Casa Rosada

Photo by @fernandalocu

instagram / casa rosada / architecture / @fernandalocu

Tile Style

Photo by @alearretureta

instagram / tile style / @alearretura

Sunlight Pouring Through The Trees

Photo by @fernandalocu

instagram / sunlight / @fernandalocu

Magical Sunset Like Only Buenos Aires Can

Photo by @deunaman

instagram / sunset / deunamanThree Lives, Three Balconies

Photo by @rominapow (See her design page here)

instagram / balcony / @rominapow

Daily Dose of Art Deco Architecture

Photo by @danugilburt

Instagram / Art Deco / Architecture / @danugilburt

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