Yoga for the People: Meet Meghan, Owner & Founder of Buena Onda Yoga

Posted on April 15, 2015 by Rachael Leonie in EXPAT

Article by Rachael Leonie.

After working in California’s education system for six years, Meghan moved to Buenos Aires to teach English for a change of pace. A longtime Yogi (and certified Yoga teacher on top of that), the English-teaching expat hopped between yoga studios in her spare time in an attempt to find some zen amongst the chaos in her new city.

And yet, she was unsuccessful. No class quenched her craving for a gratifying, well-rounded practice, and there were no Vinyasa studios to be found in Buenos Aires. That’s when Meghan decided to combine her yoga training and background in education, redirect her energy away from teaching English, and channel those skills down a different avenue: yoga. By February, just a few months after arriving in Buenos Aires, Meghan and her friend had formed their own class and were accepting their first students.

Fast forward four years, and Meghan’s studio is one of the most successful in the city.

The spunky owner has created a unique type of community at Buena Onda. Before each practice, expats gather on their mats to chat, indulging in the English-dominant setting; newbies traveling through the country are comforted by the welcoming regulars; and friendly teachers always ask attendees what body part/chakra/character trait they would like to focus on during class, making the practice less about the procedure and more about the individual.

But Buena Onda Yoga isn’t just for expats; every week, Argentines flock to the studio to engage in their own weekly routine. On Fridays, an Argentine instructor leads a Spanish yoga class for locals, as well as expats looking to immerse themselves while on the mat.

After meeting with Meghan, it’s no wonder why the studio is so aptly named “Buena Onda.” Sure the studio spaces are beautiful, the classes make you feel like you’re on cloud nine, and the instructors are the most optimistic and encouraging people you’ll meet in capital. But it’s the owner herself who ensures the atmosphere is comforting, yet encouraging; exploratory, but unpretentious.

“My cousins always teased me,” Meghan said, “’you’re going to become a hippie just like your dad.’ And well, here I am!”

And well, we can wholeheartedly say, we like her here: spreading buena onda to the Buenos Aires masses. With a creative, methodic approach to yoga, Meghan cultivates her studio to be a safe haven for nervous first-timers, dislodged expats, and longtime yogis. She encourages students to view yoga as a personal journey rather than a disciplined procedure (thus opening the practice to newbies, us less-flexible types, and students of all ages); evaluates each instructor before they begin, to ensure they’re connecting with students and generating good vibes; and –as if that wasn’t enough—she also collaborates with start-ups around the country to coordinate festive events and retreats for yogis and others just looking for a bit of creative empowerment.


Meghan (third from right) with her dad and other fellow yogis after practice in the park.

Currently, Buena Onda classes are held in three studios throughout the city (Palermo, Recoleta, and Centro), at various times of the day. With classes morning, noon, and night, it’s easy to find time to sneak a yoga class between English lessons, travel plans, and social engagements. In addition to their weekly studio schedule, BOY hosts monthly workshops, bi-annual retreats, and more events around Buenos Aires (including dinners at Meghan’s closed-door vegetarian restaurant, Jueves a la Mesa), which you can check out on their Facebook page.

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