Summer By The Water: Best Weekend Destinations

Posted on February 1, 2015 by Vivi in TRAVEL

Article by Claire McKeever.


Picture this: a cold beer, waves lapping at your feet and the sun setting over the water… Perhaps not an image so strongly connected to Buenos Aires “Capital” but you’ll be glad to hear – especially as the city reaches its highest temperatures – that chilled out sundowners by the water are possible if you venture just a little bit further beyond the city. Sure there’s the pools of Palermo to hang out in (if you’re one of the lucky ones to have access to one), but if you’re looking for somewhere a bit more authentic (or accessible) to survive the heat then it’s worth checking out the following places that lie further afield: 

Costanera Norte


Just a 15-20 minute bus-ride away from the city (the number 37 to be exact), Costanera Norte is a welcome treat as you leave behind the intenseness of the city and behold the peaceful waters of “La Plata”. Awaiting you is the calming effect of locals fishing along the river’s edge or groups soaking up the sun as they pass around an obligatory “mate”. 

If you wander a bit further along the river you’ll find “La Parque de la Memoria”, an incredible outdoor tribute to those lost during the genocide and other events that have happened over the last few decades in Argentina. It’s definitely worth spending an hour or two here to take it all in.

If you’re feeling organised, bring a picnic and enjoy a few drinks as you watch the sun setting over the water. Or, if you happen to be at Costanera on a Wednesday then enjoy the end of your day with an “after hours” overlooking the water at “Las Terrazas” (open 7pm until late).



Just under an hour from the city by train, Tigre is a popular day trip and a good place to escape the stuffiness of the city. As part of your day, make sure a boat ride along the delta is fitted in and if you catch the last one then there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy a magnificent sunset over the river and the sight of rowers passing you by.

Along Paseo Victoria, there are also a few cafes and bars to sit and enjoy the sun from, or do as the locals do and grab a patch of grass along the riverbank with a few beers.



A 4 hour bus ride from the city (trust me, this length of time doesn’t seem so much when you travel to other parts of Argentina) lies beautiful Pinamar, with its perfect combination of beaches and magical forests. The beaches aren’t exactly the caribbean (no surprise there) but enough to calm the soul and tempt you into its cooling waters.

A minimal of 1-2 nights stay is worth thinking about on a trip to Pinamar; either in its forest cabins or via an airbnb beachside rentals.

Peru Beach


Peru Beach is an inlet within the city’s suburb of San Isidro, that has water sport activities, outdoor bars and sun loungers overlooking the river. It’s not quite a beach so don’t let the name deceive you but it’s a good place to watch windsurfers pass along the river, sip on a cider and work on that tan.

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