2015 – The 21st Century’s Quinceañera

Posted on January 2, 2015 by Vivi in VIVI'S VIEW

by Lauren Dulberg L.Ac, D.OM ; Mommy, owner and main acupuncturista at Acupuncture Buenos Aires.


You’re a teenager now entering into your years of rebellion and finding your voice. Just 15 years ago it was Y2K, you were just being born out of this moment of the possible “end as we knew it”, the electric grid failing and survivalist stockpiling their greatest canned goods, an exciting and anticipated entry into a new century but also one filled with incredible renewal and that feeling that anything could happen. And it did, in the near years to come, the shock and awe, the acceptance and the transformation that everything had changed but things can only get better. As your young childhood years rolled around we became more and more plugged in, connected in this inter web of the internet, apple products, phones that seemed smarter than us and social networks which made it too easy to know everything in the blink of an eye.  And now in the twilight of your 15th year, sitting in a small cabin in the woods of the Patagonian landscape, there are some things that have been percolating.  Its not about resolutions since the time to start is now.. Here are a few things I would advise one on their quinseañera.

Unplugging is by far some of the best medicine

We are WAY too connected, our children’s childhoods are unfolding for our greatest acquaintances on Facebook, we’ve seen about 1000 photos of your food, your babies, cats and selves and I am guilty as charged (though selfies do weird me out a bit).  As a child of the 70’s who still used her word processor until senior year of college, I have my moments where I am in technology overload. Of course it is amazing to have all of the information we need at every moment, but taking a step back and unplugging the mind is of great beauty.  Take a few hours, take a day, take a week, whatever you need to detach from being plugged in all the time.  It feels really good!

Nature is also our greatest medicine

Nature is perfect, nature is always within pure yin and yang – finding it’s way towards balance in every moment. Nature is truth and we are nature. This is something not to forget. After living in various cities in the world, 5 minutes after stepping foot in a forest and feeling the stillness around me, the breath of the earth; I felt balanced, normal and stress free. In cities, unless we have a meditation practice comparable to a Buddhist monk, we can’t help but be the sponges we are and take in the collective consciousness of what surrounds us, be that 1000 people on the street vs. the wind blowing through the pines.  Go run with the wind!

Be here now

The message is clear, Ram Dass made it popular 40 years ago when he wrote a book about it, but it is a very simple concept and in its simplicity there is nothing else to understand except – B e  H e r e  N o w.  If we can take this message and put it into action, 2015 we be a smooth sailing year. Its not about the past, its not about the future, its about now- nothing else. Digest this one for a little while.


Now this is the more difficult one; easier for me to say than do since this requires practice and discipline but we all have the power to do this. Simply meditating 15-20 minutes a day can change your cellular make up, DNA expression, your brain structure, emotional outlook on life and most importantly your health. We all have the ability to tap into the source we were wired this way. When I teach this to my patients I talk about the repetitive nature that exists within all religions in the world. Within the repetition we are able to calm the mind and our thoughts. So whether through breath, a mantra, a song, a prayer, an image or a mala (meditation beads), this act of the repetitive quiets the thoughts racing through the mind at a mile a minute. When we are able to disconnect and meditate we can then activate the “Qi” flowing though our bodies, relax, let go and see the world through our mind’s eye, connecting to our highest self and the true heart within.  Adding this to your day, even if starting a few times a week will spark transformation beyond resolution, transformation into metamorphosis.

Happy 2015, the best is yet to come!

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