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Posted on November 17, 2014 by Claire McKeever in CLOSED DOOR, RESTAURANTS

Article by Claire McKeever.

Organic, vegan and raw aren’t three words I’d normally associate with a restaurant in Buenos Aires but with new juice bars, yoga studios and healthy eateries cropping up everywhere, it’s no wonder closed door restaurant, Kensho, is stepping up to the plate (sorry, I just couldn’t resist).

Kensho did in fact start as a closed door restaurant in the neighbourhood of Boedo ten years ago, then as an ‘open’ restaurant in Palermo and more recently, setting up base in its current home in Colegiales (obviously with a few modifications made along the way). Not only that, the founders, Clo and Máximo, have been known to help out their closed door family at Casa Felix on occasion, so these guys are certainly not shy of experience. In addition to the restaurant, they also offer cooking classes on a regular basis.

Photo courtesy of Kensho

Photo courtesy of Kensho

Here’s what they had to say about their health conscious venture:

“We chose organic cuisine because we know that we believe that health and pleasure go hand in hand. We can eat something delicious and still consider the health of people and the planet.”

So with that and the increasing need for me to take a break from empanadas and steak, I found myself trying out this unique and intriguing restaurant one evening, bringing along my health conscious flatmate for support (and also to share a bottle with – yes, alcohol is served so you need not fear).

As we stood outside the restaurant’s front door, it wasn’t long before we were welcomed and ushered in by Barbara, our lovely hostess for the night. As we sat down, I was quite taken in by the warm and simplistic surroundings: wooden candle-lit tables, old-school music playing in the background and a simple herb laid out as decoration on our napkins.

Not long after cosying in, we were given our first course: a cocktail shot and cone of chili granola, which I have to say went down surprisingly well (at first, I must admit I thought I was sitting down to breakfast). Next up was a trio of falafels with hummus and a delicious nutty sauce, followed by a tostada with ‘girgolas’ (oyster mushrooms) and a side of mustard and apple chutney. Scrumptious.

We would have been happy to go onto dessert after those incredible first dishes but low and behold another savoury plate of goodness was put in front of us: a leek and potato gratin – a perfect bit of comfort food without the guilt trip. When dessert did arrive, we were not disappointed… A ‘Jackie Brown raw’, teamed up with almond ice-cream and caramelised nut topping. Sublime is all there is to say about that one. But then I hear you ask, “What the heck is ‘Jackie Brown raw’?” Well, lets just say it’s a brownie without all the naughtiness, it’s raw … and seriously delicious.

You might not be surprised to hear that I enjoyed every moment of my bit of carnivorous respite at Kensho and to add, I never felt in want – the flavours, tastiness and surprise of it all made for a very enjoyable meal.

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  • Dining is on Thursdays & Fridays from 9pm (also opening on Saturdays soon!)

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