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Article by Nora Wallenius.  

As a fairly new wine connoisseur (and I use this term very lightly), I have found Buenos Aires a very welcoming, if not overwhelming, city to appreciate wine. Wine is everywhere: restaurants, family gatherings, asados, work parties, and even mixed into cocktails! It can be daunting heading to your local supermarket to pick out a bottle of quality wine, where labels and wineries blend together and a high price does not necessarily mean high quality. This is where Anuva Wines comes in. Part wine tasting, part wine club, and part awesome, Anuva makes finding authentic, boutique Argentine wine simple. They do the hard work for you. The team takes continuous trips to Mendoza to discover the local hidden gem wineries in the best regions, such as Lujan de Cuyo and Maipú. This wine is then brought to Buenos Aires to taste, or even easier, sent to the United States where it can be shipped at low cost anywhere in the country. This is the beauty of Anuva Wines. Excellent rare Argentine wine, delivered to you as conveniently as a trip to your local supermarket.

Anuva Wine Buenos Aires Boutique Argentine Wines

At their beautifully remodeled space in Palermo, Anuva has created an elegant and comfortable experience for visitors to Buenos Aires. Cara, our charming and charismatic sommelier for the evening, takes our table on a step by step journey into the art that is Argentine wine. With a wide range of flavors- sparkling, white, and red- each guest is able to try their favorites and, possibly, a wine outside of their comfort zone. Each tasting is perfectly paired with a small food sampler, that enhances the wine’s specific flavor.

Anuva Wine Buenos Aires Boutique Argentine Wines 1

Our first tester is the Hom Sparkling White, a light and refreshing start to the evening, complemented by crostinis of cream cheese, apple, and walnut and another of ricotta and lemon. Cara teaches us the “proper way” to taste wine (sight, swirl, sniff, sip), but reminds us that there is no right answer to describe how your wine tastes to you personally.

Anuva Wine Buenos Aires Boutique Argentine Wines 2

The second taster is the outstanding El Povenir Torrontes, a white grape native to Argentina. Having acquired a taste for red wine in Argentina, I was surprisingly blown away by the delicious, crisp flavor of the Torrontes. This wine was a highlight of the night for me, paired with peach and strawberry sorbets.

Anuva Wine Buenos Aires Boutique Argentine Wines 5

Next begins the reds. Cara pours all three reds simultaneously and we are encouraged to go back and forth between them, to really taste the differences in flavors. Known as the “secret grape,” Bonarda is the second most produced red grape in Argentina besides the Malbec. The Mairena Bonarda has a rich flavor, complemented by a cheese and salami picada. Small accoutrements like pickled peppers and eggplants, cut the tartness of the wine.

The first of our two Malbecs was my favorite, the subtle and smooth San Gimignano Mablec Roble. A steamy and savory carne empanada is served, to balance the richness of the wine.

The second Malbec was heavier and darker, the Carinae Finca Deneza Guarda, served with homemade dark chocolate truffles. Although not my personal favorite, this Malbec helped highlight the difference between wines of the same grape, depending on how they were made.

Anuva Wine Buenos Aires Boutique Argentine Wines 3

Cara’s explanations of the wine regions, culture, and history in Argentina are interesting and useful. I can easily see myself at my next asado explaining the background of mixing soda water and wine in 1960’s Argentina. (Why? Because the emphasis was on quantity, not quality.)

The wines are available for purchase directly after the tasting, or online to be shipped directly to your house at a very reasonable price almost unheard of for South America. If you buy a case of 12 bottles, there is even free shipping in the US! The Wine Club offers a certain amount of bottles per month, for those who don’t want their intimate relationship with Argentine wine to end.

Anuva Wine Buenos Aires Boutique Argentine Wines 4

Wine tasting reservations must be made in advance.


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