Remodeled Vision: A New Exhibit at Galeria Dacil

Posted on July 19, 2014 by Vivi in EXPAT

Article by Nora Wallenius.

Re-Make/Re-Model, the third exhibit in the FRESCO art program at Galeria dacil, opened this Wednesday, July 16 in a multi-artist photography collaboration. What was / is / will be a photograph? This is the question that constantly hovers above the exhibit. The photographs analyze the influence the art form of photography has had on modern art, as well as everyday life and society.

After the advent of the film camera and photography, the technical means of image reproduction has caused the decline of real vision. Our “perfect reality” is now flooded by technical images, produced by cameras, lenses, and films. Almost two hundred years later, you could say that this technical influence is absolute- we not only see photographically, but we think photographically too.

Create it, experience it with your own body, test it, taste it, inspect it, copy it, simulate it. These artists attempt to undo our programmation (of oneself and the camera), to reinvent our environment. The exhibit projects another language to speak to and through the images.

An image, both visible and invisible, talks to the camera. It is up to these photographs to bring life back into vision.

Galeria dacil was established as an experimental space for artist, which presents new expressions of contemporary art, site-specific installations and video installations. The gallery promotes art through new spaces of expression and exhibition. Focused on development of the artist’s career, Galeria dacil attends international art fairs and conducts international projects.

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