The Best City Parks In Buenos Aires

Posted on July 8, 2014 by Vivi in VISIT BUENOS AIRES

By Claire McKeever.

For anyone seeking a bit of respite from the hustle and bustle, daily grind or tourist trail of Buenos Aires, there is no better place than one of the city’s parks and open spaces to while away a few hours. The city has surprised me with its choice of places to forget your troubles and bask in nature, even if it’s just for a little while. I’ve already begun a love affair with the following:

Jardin Botanico

Buenos Aires’s small but perfectly formed Botanical Gardens are sure to capture your curiosity as you enter through their humble gates. As you wander further, you are met by rugged greenhouses, stoic statues and quiet corners to sit and enjoy a bit of time out. You might notice some stray cats roaming round the gardens but don’t let their shabby appearances deceive you as they are very well trained and looked after by locals.

El Rosedal

Fast becoming one of my favourite spots in Buenos Aires is ‘El Rosedal’. Located within Palermo, this beautiful rose garden is filled with well kept flower beds and surrounded by white picketed walkways and bridges overlooking the lake. Along the water’s edge you will find a flurry of geese and a line of pedaloes waiting to be taken for a ride. This is a great place to take a moment, perhaps sipping on a mate whilst reading your favourite novel, people watching or just pondering on life’s many mysteries.

Japanese Gardens

Japanese Garden Buenos Aires

The Japanese Gardens in Buenos Aires offer a peaceful and secluded hideaway within the city, tucked away along the busy ‘El Libertador’.The gardens are run by the non-profit Japanese Argentine Cultural Foundation and include the typical bonsai plants, water features, as well as small trees to hang Japanese inspired ‘dreams’. 

Reserva Ecologica

It’s hard to believe this (seemingly) unending nature reserve is part of Buenos Aires. Just east of Puerto Madero you will find the park’s entrance and, once inside, you will find a sea of tall reeds, quiet paths and a variety of different bird species to gaze upon; it is the type of place that will  transport you into another world. It’s a great place to go for a run, walk and/or sit and look out over Rio de la Plata.

Palermo Woods

The green spaces and traffic free walkways within Palermo Woods are a personal favourite of mine for weekend jogs, picnics and watching the world go by. It’s possible to pick up some rollerblades if you’re game then reward yourself afterwards with a choripan or few churros from  nearby vendors!

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Claire McKeever is from a small coastal town in Ireland and fell in love with traveling from a young age.  She now lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a Writer and Marketing Manager. You can follow her life and travel stories at herworldseyeview.
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