In Review: MUJERES X MUJERES Exhibit

Posted on June 25, 2014 by Vivi in ARTS

By Rachael Leonie.

What do you get when you unite three powerful female artists under one roof? A powerful, poignant collision of history, gender, and art. And that’s exactly the type of collection Andrea Toledo, Jésica Cichero, and Cheryl de los Reyes Cruz illustrate in their exhibit, MUJERES X MUJERES, at Buenos Aires’ Alianza Francesa.

Turning the corner at Alianza Francesa, you’re greeted with the works of Jésica Andrea Cichero, a Buenos Aires native interested in both the fantasy and nature side of the arts. The detail in each illustration made us step back for a second look, as the eyes of each seem to tell a different story. Interesting enough, her collection’s most standout pieces depict fellow artists, including cartoonist, Nina Paley and Czech filmmaker and animator, Michaela Pavlátová (pictured with a talking bubble topped by a snail coming out of the artist’s mouth).

Andrea Toledo’s pieces are endearing and powerful. As customary with all caricatures, her subject’s features are either simplified or exaggerated to draw attention to the entertainer’s portrait. Her collection includes a long-necked Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s and bucktoothed Chiyo from Memoirs of a Geisha. Moving further into her collection are her black and white illustrations; providing more subdued, yet all the more powerful, perspectives of historical women.

 Last but not least, we fall upon the works of Cheryl de los Reyes Cruz, a Californian native, illustrator, and animator. If you check out her online portfolio, you can tell she’s a genius in background drawings and animations. But her illustrations at the exhibit were a new wave of work we hadn’t seen on her site with a certain allure and attraction. Her pencil drawings range from passionate shopgirl, Louise Brooks, to a charming rendition of Amelia Earhart.

The exhibit opened with a presentation from the writer, journalist, and comedian Melisa Sansotta the first week of June, and continues throughout the month. On closing night, June 27th, all three artists will be present to answer questions, talk about their pieces, and chat with guests.

See more of each artists’ works:

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