Defining the Undefinable with New Exhibit at Galeria Dacil

Posted on June 24, 2014 by Vivi in ARTS

Article by Nora Wallenius.

Galeria dacil opened this exhibit of artist and photographyer Marina Font from Cordoba earlier in June. El Peso de Las Cosas (The Weight of Things) determines the “weight” of elements in the life of a  woman, using the metaphors of the specific and relative weights of everyday items. These items do not need to be physically weighed, but they intrinsically occupy a meaningful space in one’s life: the measurement of empty weight, connections, dreams, and relationships. Marina Font stops trying to “weigh” existence, and begins to analyze the tension between the real and the perceived.

In the photographic series El Peso de Las Cosas, Marina builds visual relationships between various objects that are prepared and assembled on a household scale. The scale usually provides us exact information- substantial, physical, and concrete- but here it is morphed into the object’s the scale of its intrinsic capacity. This scale operates as a constant visual that is present in each image and each of the objects connects artistically of what it represents Marina.

She also reflects on those things that can not physically be weighed, but which we place in our lives and are part of our spirit. She attempts to materialize the empty weight of these non-objects- the unfulfilled dreams, memories, dependency, and all actions or events which we live and we repeat everyday, but usually do not give much importance.

Born in Córdoba, Argentina, in 1970, Marina studied at the Martin A. Malharro School of Visual Arts in Argentina. In 1998 she studied photography at Speos Ecole de la Photographie in Paris, and obtained her Masters in Photography at Barry University in Miami in 2009. She recently presented solo exhibitions at The Deering Estate at Cutler, Miami; the Consulate of Argentina in New York. Her work is part of the Bunnen, Atlanta Collection; The Girl’s Club Collection of Art of Fort Lauderdale; The LOWE Museum at the University of Miami; and important private collections. Marina currently lives and works in Miami Beach.

The work will be exhibited in  “Instacorrespondencia,” as a joint work with Venezuelan artist Amalia Caputo, serving as a visual dialogue between the two artists in a photo installation. This long-term photographic project begun in August 2013 looking to reflect on traditional media and hyper connectivity of our time. It was developed primarily as a digital series for Instagram, then set to come to life as real photographic installation dimensions and variable spaces. In this third installment of “Instacorrespondencias” in Dacil, the dynamic project continues, growing and establishing communication with the public in another city, thus increasing the capacity to generate new content from images.

  • Venue: Gallery dacil, Pasaje Soria 5125, Palermo
  • Normal hours: Tuesday to Friday 1-7pm
  • Contact:

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