Your Weekly Closed Door Restaurant Guide: June 19 – 21

Posted on June 19, 2014 by Kevin Vaughn in CLOSED DOOR

This list of weekly recommendations is compiled by our resident taste-setter, Kevin Vaughn.

Club M Omakase

Source: Club M Omakase

The Onda

Hidden away above Palermo’s popular Bar Du Marché sits Club M Omakase, a traditional Japanese sushi bar. The space is simple and elegantly decorated with two long shared table that allows patrons to interact directly with the two sushimen. Ingredients are high quality and picked fresh which guarantees a constantly changing menu. This is a special occasion kind of place, the “I’m newly single and need a pick me up,” or “I just got a raise and deserve a treat”, or “My parents are in town and think everything is cheap.”

The Menu

The menu consists of a 7 course tasting menu that changes constantly based on freshness and availability of ingredients, but we recommend praying ahead of time that the octopus ceviche is on the menu

The Essentials

Both lunch and dinner services are available throughout the week. The bar is located in Palermo Hollywood, for more information call 4778 1050.


trentasillas closed door restaurant

Source: Trentasillas’ Twitter

The Onda

Up and running since 2007, the food at Trientasillas is well-known within the food community for young chef Ezequiel Gallardo’s quick ascension to become one of the cities’ leading closed doors. The food is simple and inventive, with new interpretations of traditional Argentine dishes, in a warm unpretentious space set up with private tables for small groups of friends.

The Menu

Menus change every week depending on availability and freshness of ingredients. This week the four course fixed menu consists of an Arugula, goat cheese and pecan salad, an “oven baked egg” with mushrooms and focaccia bread, a grilled pork tenderloin with garlic butter and ginger and an apple and pear crumble for dessert.

The Essentials

Dinners are held on Thursday and Friday in Colegiales. The meal costs 250ARS, drinks not included. You can make a reservation via email or calling 154 492 7046.

Toro 777

Toro 777 Buenos Aires Closed Door Restaurant

Source: Toro 777

The Onda

Born in La Pampa, educated in Buenos Aires and formally trained in Europe, chef Guillermo de Saavedra Coria rolls all his life experience into one closed door project. The attention here is on the food and feeling of being at home. The intimate dining room has space for 14 people, all at separate tables, in a space that feels comfortable and lived in with decorations left over from his grandmother.

The Menu

Food is heavily Argentine influenced, and this menu in particular is a winter food fiend’s dream. After the welcome cocktail there will be homemade pumpkin and ricotta sorrentinos (large raviolis) in rosemary butter and a grilled onion soup. The main dish is a marinated skirt steak served with ratatoille and a coconut flan and dulce de leche mousse.

The Essentials

Dinners are held every Friday and Saturday at 9:30 in Villa Crespo. The meal costs 220ARS, drinks sold separately with a $300 wine pairing option. To make a reservation call 153 884 2633 or email 

Io Sono Shokuhin

Io Sono Shokuhin Japanese Closed Door Restaurant in Buenos Aires 2

La Onda

With just a few months under its belt, Io Sono Shokuhin is one of the newest closed doors to arrive on the scene. Their “Japanese-Italian” inspired menu immediately piqued our interest and the food didn’t disappoint. The space is an intimate second floor space, with room for 6 tables and wonderful for a private meal for two. There is a big emphasis on attentive personal experience, which fused the notion of fine dining with the intimacy of a supper club. Expect to drink a lot of wine, with wonderfully chosen pairings for each of the 7 dishes served.

The Menu

The menu consists of a wonderfully thought up 7 course meal that mixes Italian and Asian inspired dishes, every dish comes with a glass of wine. Although there is an emphasis on Japanese technique and flavor, peanut sauces and curry bring in wider influences from the rest of Southeast Asia. Expect simple dishes like panko fried eggplant and more inventive ideas like capresse salad rolled in rice paper over lemon grass dressing or homemade lemon and basil sorbet. There is also a stuffed lomo with a creamy shitake mushroom sauce that is TO. DIE. FOR.

The Essentials

Dinners are held Wednesdays at 8pm or Fridays at 8 or 10pm in a remodeled home in Palermo Viejo. Take advantage of their soft launch price for 30USD (official rate) online here ( or in person in ARS.


fuudis-tours buenos aires dining experience

Source: Fuudis

The Onda

Fuudis is the brain child of Australian transplant Anne Reynolds and porteña Marina Ponzi, two influential ladies on the local food scene. Fuudis offers food tours around Buenos Aires, allowing locals, expats and tourists to rub elbows over three courses in three different restaurants. All tours are accompanied by a knowledgeable guide and explanations from the chefs or owners and offers a unique hands on experience to the local gastronomic scene.

The Menu

You had us at cheeseburger. This Friday there will be a lunch tour downtown that will begin with a mini gourmet burger at Perez-H, a main course at Café San Juan and a dessert at Aldo’s Vinoteca.

The Essentials

The lunch tour is in the San Telmo neighborhood on Friday. The tour costs 65USD and can be reserved by email at

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