The Wine Experience Is Not a Typical Wine Tasting

Posted on May 19, 2014 by Nora Wallenius in VISIT BUENOS AIRES

Article by Nora Wallenius.  

For those of you who have been to any type of wine tasting before (which I am hoping is everyone), there is only one thing guaranteed: red teeth. While drinking copious amounts of wine does have its advantages in a tasting, I was looking for something more in my wine tasting experience than just leaving with a Joker/Heath Ledger style smile.

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The Argentine Experience has taken traditional wine tasting and all that we thought we knew about wine, and more specifically South American wine and spirits, flipped it on its head and created The Wine Experience, which is the perfect cocktail hour if you’re planning on having dinner at The Argentine Experience.

At the Wine Experience, we learn about Argentine wine and test out our own mixology skills by making wine cocktails. The Wine Experience emphasizes hands on learning and tasting local wine and spirits, rather than simply guzzling down a few glasses of wine. (But don’t worry, there will be plenty of wine guzzling in the dinner to follow!) 

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The Wine Experience begins with a simple game, testing your sense of smell with 20 scents found in Argentine wine, ranging from grapefruit to coffee. I am proud to say I was the winner with 9 correct scents! Guests sip on their welcome cocktail, The Malabeca, while mingling and getting to know each other.  

The Wine Experience, Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires 5 The group then moves to the bar to learn how to make some signature cocktails, made with high quality Argentine wine. Traditional wine connoisseurs tend to scoff at the idea of mixing wine with liquor and other ingredients, but The Argentine Experience accepts the challenge and has created three delicious concoctions. The first is welcome cocktail, The Malabeca, a refreshing mix of Malbec wine, Pisco (a Peruvian/Chilean liquor), and apple juice. The second cocktail is The Torrontea, a surprising blend of Torrontes wine (the only indigenous Argentine grape), vodka, and chammomile tea. Lastly, my personal favorite The Razzisima, is a sweet and tart cocktail of rose wine, rasperries, and gin.

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All of these cocktails are paired to perfection with three house-made tapas: Beef Brochette paired with The Malabeca, Salmon Gravlax paired with The Torrontea, and an Orange and Rasberry Cake paired with The Razzisima. After sampling these scrumptious cocktails, each guest dons a black bowtie, chooses their favorite drink, has a partner make it for them, and then makes one for their partner.

The Wine Experience, Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires 7 Although the wine and cocktails were fabulous, I have to give the winner of the night award to The Argentine Experience staff who kept me laughing from the moment I walked in the door to our last besos goodbye. Welcoming, outgoing, and knowledgeable, the staff members made all of the guests feel invited and comfortable, whether they arrived alone, in a couple, or a group. The Wine Experience is an exciting add-on to an already fun-filled night with the mouth watering Argentine Experience dinner. With plans on the horizon for specialty nights in Buenos Aires and an expansion to Thailand, The Argentine Experience is a must do for tourists and expats alike. 

The Wine Experience and The Argentine Experience are open Monday- Saturday, 6:15 pm- 11:30 pm, reservation only.

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