Galeria Mar Dulce Alone In The Woods – A New Exhibit

Posted on May 16, 2014 by Nora Wallenius in ARTS

For her exhibition Waldeinsamkeit or the Sensation of Being Alone in a Wood in Galería Mar Dulce, Sofia Wiñazki presents a flock of almost 50 birds: works in small format; some in watercolour, others in pencil. Two landscapes in medium and large format –the woods, fields, grasslands and arborescences so emblematic of Wiñazki’s former production- and some works in ceramic complete the selection.

Sofía Wiñazki was born in 1985, inn Caseros, Buenos Aires. She studied Visual Arts at IUNA (2004-2009), drawing and painting with Patricio Larrambebere and drawing with Eduardo Stupía.

To see one bird is to see them all.  Rather than a specimen of a species; when we see a bird we see a function, a living element, a march of little steps, a flutter, a lightning movement. Sofía Wiñazki’s works make us pause to observe, more than just the bird, rather the instant in which that bird has been captured on the paper. Her style appears to be nourished as much from the quick and accurate outdoor sketch as from its more leisurely variation: that of the technically flawless and invariably sensitive line.

At times she is obsessive and perfectionist in detail, at other she abandons herself to the fluidity of the watercolor stroke, without this latter implying any inaccuracy. She sets out only the indispensable for the image to palpitate and breathe in a minor key. And thus she achieves the miracle in which the bird we are looking at has already flown away forever. (Adapted from the exhibition catalogue text by Eduardo Stupía.)

Galería Mar Dulce specializes in small and medium format artwork in painting, drawing, objects, limited edition print, photography and artists’ books realized by classic and contemporary Argentine and Uruguayan artists. 

Venue: Galería Mar Dulce, Uriarte 1490, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires
Opening event: Saturday 17 May 4-8pm
Normal hours: Tuesday to Saturday 3-8pm
Exhibition ends: Saturday 28 June 2014

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