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Posted on April 30, 2014 by Kevin Vaughn in CLOSED DOOR, RESTAURANTS

By Kevin Vaughn.

If you need evidence that the food game in Buenos Aires is in the midst of a beautiful revolution look no further than the closed door scene. New spaces are opening up left and right and with every new project come fresh ideas. But although the trend is hot, the scene is still a bit of a mystery. To help you out bit, here are five menus for this week that make us drool more than we care to talk about.

Cocina Sunae

Cocina Sunae Soup

Source: Cocina Sunae

The Onda

When you’re craving some real Asian flavors look no further. Sunae grew up in the Phillipines before moving to New York where she worked in various restaurants before settling in Buenos Aires. It feels much more like a restaurant with private tables and a wait staff, great for an adventurous date or a meal between friends.

The Menu

This week’s menu is a 4 course meal with dishes from the Phillipines, Vietnam and Thailand. The meal begins with steamed pork buns with hoisin sauce and a fresh spring roll. The main dish is your choice of tamarind shrimp, beef tenderloin soup or the catch of the day with penang curry. For dessert fresh fruit and ginger tea ice cream.

The Essentials

Dinners are held Wednesday through Saturday starting at 8pm in Colegiales. 225ARS, cash only, drinks sold separately. Make a reservation via email,, or call 154 870 5506.

Beer House Experience

 The Onda

More of a reservation only bar than a closed door restaurant, we are super excited about Beer House. The bar is run by beer sommeliers who have not only stocked the place with an incredible variety of imported and national craft beer but they has tailored a menu where beer is an important ingredient in every dish. The space is a renovated old house with private tables, which gives off the feeling that you are in the home of a friend that is particularly beer obsessed. It’s the perfect spot to meet up with friends on a Friday night.

The Menu

Unlike most closed doors, this is not a fixed menu. You can order off the menu from a small variety of appetizers, main dishes and desserts. Expect simple foods that go well with a pint, like hamburgers, pork chops, pizzas and steaks.

The Essentials

The bar is open Thursday – Saturday in San Telmo. You can choose to have three courses and unlimited beer for 190ARS, or just get the unlimited beer option for 120ARS. Make a reservation via email or by calling 154 169 6691.


Brisket MASA Promotional Poster

Source: MASA

The Onda

MASA is a weekly dinner that began with the philosophy of providing an option that was both accessible and inventive by seeking new approaches to traditional homey foods. The dinner feels more like a low-key party amongst friends, with just 12 guests sharing home cooked meals over a communal table, cold beer and good music. Hosts Kevin and Evy might tell you to get your own damn beer from the fridge, don’t worry, it means they like you.

The Menu

Although the dinner club is associated with Mexican dishes, this year MASA will be incorporating American meals into the mix. This week’s menu consists of brisket sandwiches with Texas-style bbq sauce on pretzel rolls served with mashed potatoes and ginger roasted carrots. The meal also comes with a corn bread appetizer and a half liter of Antares beer.

The Essentials

The dinner is Thursday May 1st at 9PM in the Almagro neighborhood. 120ARS, cash only, additional beer sold separately. Make a reservation via email,, or call Kevin at 153 435 9093.

Adentro Dinner Club

Adentro Supper Club Asado

Source: Adentro Supper Club

The Onda

Want to partake in a traditional Argentine family asado but missing an Argentine family? Gabriel and Kelly have the hook up. The Argentine-American couple has renovated an old doctor’s office in the middle of Palermo to a home that doubles as a weekly supper club for those in search of an authentic asado experience. The event feels very inviting and truly feels like a dinner amongst family with a shared table and lots of food being passed around.

The Menu

First of all, come hungry because this meal is going to make you adjust your belt. The evening is filled with appetizers, salads and of course, meat. Expect provoleta, fried empanadas and fresh salads. As for the meat, as you’d find in a traditional asado, Adentro serves up everything from the achurras (blood sausage, chorizo and instestine) to more sought after cuts (short ribs and rump steak).

 The Essentials

Dinners are served Wednesday through Friday (Friday is seafood night) in Palermo. The meal costs $450. Make a reservation here.    


The Onda

Up and running since 2007, the food at Trientasillas is well-known within the food community for young chef Ezequiel Gallardo’s quick ascension to become one of the cities’ leading closed doors. The food is simple and inventive in a warm, unpretentious space set up with private tables for small groups of friends.

The Menu

Menus change every week depending on availability and freshness of ingredients. This week the four course fixed menu consists of an Arugula and almond salad, Roasted shrimp with green beans and saffron aioli, mushroom, bacon and brie risotto and an apple crumble.

The essentials: Dinners are held Thursday through Saturday in Colegiales. The meal costs 250ARS, drinks not included. You can make a reservation via email or calling 154 492 7046.


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