Discovering the Female Form at Mundo Nuevo Art Gallery

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Article by Nora Wallenius.  

Mundo Nuevo Art Gallery Opening

The Mundo Nuevo Art Gallery opened its multidimensional exhibit “Constelación Feminina” in April 23, 2014.  Combining works from three prolific Argentine female artists, sculptor Marina Dogliotti, sculptor Betina Sor, and painter/sculptor Inés Vega, “Constelación Feminina” brings life to all shapes and forms of the female spirit.

Mundo Nuevo Art Gallery Buenos Aires These sculptures of women created by three women, observing their work in extreme privacy but exposing it to the public. Art that shows intimacy between women that weaves a bond of solidarity. Artists Betina, Inés, and Marina give us works that allow us to search our own darkness, recognizing what history scholars have said about women: ” Beings who have been excluded from the course of history”. These female artists have been able to overcome obstacles, showing that through this narrative of women’s history is the story of the desire for freedom.

Mundo Nuevo Art Gallery Buenos Aires Fall Exhibit

The artists were motivated by the differences in presentation of stories. Males are represented by documents signed with power. Females are represented in images that move the viewer, and each tells a story of humanity. The exhibit is created from the idea that freedom is not achieved together, but is a singular effort from each one of us, through creativity and uniqueness.

Mundo Nuevo Art Gallery

Marina Dogliotti was born in Buenos Aires and studied sculpture and drawing at Leo Vinci’s workshop at the University of Buenos Aires.  She has participated in numerous public and private shows and national competitions. Betina Sor lives and works in Buenos

Aires. She was a National Professor of Sculpture (National Fine Arts Graduate School P. Puyerredon – 1986) and is currently Head Chair of OTAV-Sculpture -IUNA, and docent at the Jean Argentino Mermoz studio and her own private studio. Inés Vaga was born in Buenos Aires and graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires.

Mundo Nuevo Art Gallery Buenos Aires Feminine Form

Fundación Mundo Nuevo was created in 1990, and contributes to the development of Argentine arts. Its mission is to provide the tools and infrastructure necessary to support and promote Argentine culture here and throughout the world. Located in a beautiful space in Recoleta, the gallery rotates exhibitions monthly and holds art and culture events.

Mundo Nuevo Art Gallery Fundacion Mundo Nuevo BA

Mundo Nuevo Art Gallery

Location: Avenida Callao 1870, Recoleta

Exhibit: April 23- May 30, 2013

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