The Twitter Artworks of Cristian Turdera & Tobías Schleider

Posted on March 7, 2014 by Vivi in ARTS

Art meets Social Media in the latest bilingual exhibit at Galeria Mar Dulce, entitled: ‘El Topo Ilustrado’, or “The Illustrated Mole’.  This series, brings together the drawings of Buenos Aires illustrator Cristian Turdera, with the philosophical musings of writer Tobias Schlieder, from his Twitter handle: @ElTopoErudito.

Galeria Mar Dulce Twitter Art Exhibit Illustration 2

El Topo Ilustrado (‘The Illustrated Mole‘ would be its English title, if such a title weren’t so awfully ambiguous) was born from improbable happenstance. The artist Cristian Turdera and the writer Tobías Schleider met on Twitter in 2012 and decided right away to create something together. From March 2013, every weekday they published an illustrated phrase in the account @ElTopoIlustrado, until they reached one hundred and twenty bilingual vignettes (English-Spanish). Soon they had gained more than 25,000 followers.

In Schleider’s own words, categorizing El Topo Ilustrado would probably be hard. On one hand, it is a compendium of illustrated phrases about body and mind, love and solitude, false mysteries and failed answers, stillness and time, intuition and philosophy. On another, it is a collection of tiny but potentially boundless stories. But it is also some kind of a chaotic guide for solving nonexistent problems and a project about the transcendence of the quotidian. The texts always precede the images yet the drawings sometime reach unexpected dimensions, or sneak in where the letters can’t fit. The fusion of words and strokes causes, in effect, a different material. The fruit of this creative collaboration is, in the words of Daniel Molina, “the perfect work of the work of art of the future: never fixed, always in process.”

Galeria Mar Dulce Twitter Art Exhibit Illustration 3

For the exhibition in Galería Mar Dulce, El Topo Ilustrado presents a selection of 20 works previously seen only on Twitter as limited giclée editions on cotton rag paper. Added to this are original sketches and other elements of production that invite the viewer to enter into the (virtual) head of El Topo Ilustrado and into the process of creativity itself. Invited artist Juan Pablo Cambariere also creates an interpretation of one of Schleider’s texts in the form a kinetic sculpture.

The entire project can be viewed on Twitter, or in person at Galeria Mar Dulce.  The exhibit opens on Friday, March 14th.

Cristian Turdera (Buenos Aires, 1973) is an artist, illustrator and designer. He has published more than 20 books and his artwork has been exhibited across the world.  He also works for advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers and publishers in various countries.

Tobías Schleider (Mar del Plata, 1972) is a reader, author and translator. He works across fiction, poetry and essays, alternatively or often simultaneously. A PhD in the Philosophy of Law, he also works in Argentina and abroad as a lecturer and researcher on problems related to responsibility, human action, causation and luck. Since 2011 he has shared brief literary forms on Twitter under the pseudonym @ElTopoErudito. His parents say that he learned to read before he could walk and when it comes to journeys he likes to say that the eyes are as important as the feet.

Venue: Galería Mar Dulce, Uriarte 1490, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires
Opening event: Friday 14 March, 7-9pm
Normal hours: Tuesday to Saturday 3-8pm
Exhibition ends: Saturday 10 May 2014

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