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Imagine being able to create and personalize your world: what you look at, what you wear, what you feel. JuicyCanvas is bringing the power of artistic personalization, or in Juicy’s words “remixing,” to your fingertips.

Meet Deb and Artur. They are the husband and wife team behind JuicyCanvas who were inspired to create this artistic platform by collaborative art and street art from their home turfs (Artur is from NYC and Deb is from Buenos Aires). JuicyCanvas is the first artistic platform that takes an artist’s finished artwork and unlocks it for the consumer to further personalize and experiment. They’ve already curated work from over 200 international artists, all of which can be reshaped, recolored, and adjusted by users to create a personalized piece of art.

What is the JuicyCanvas “Remix Platform”?  With just a few simple clicks, colors can be changed, gradients can be added, and artwork can be rotated, resized and repositioned.  You can then print your creations onto beautiful design-based products that they are launching soon: American Apparel t-shirts, kids tees, hoodies, tote bags, stretched canvas, framed prints, mobile cases, and the most adorable baby onesies.

Deb and Artur are strong believers of creative and activated consumers. Their vision is to live in a world where everything can be remixed, redesigned and personalized. JuicyCanvas is the first online platform that enables users to “touch the art.”

standout by Chloe Flowerr Juicy Canvas

Be funky beauty by Anacelo Juicy Canvas


I sat down with Deb to talk about JC, Buenos Aires inspirations, and working with her spouse.

NORAWhere was JuicyCanvas born? Is the customer base local, international or global? Who would like JuicyCanvas?

DEB: I am from Buenos Aires, and I met Artur when he came to Argentina to find new developers for his first startup. He fell in love with the city and the art scene here, and as so many expats do, never left. After a couple of years working on tech projects together, we started brainstorming this new idea, and we built the beta with the help of some amazing local developers. Our JuicyCanvas project was developed in Latin America. We offer international shipping now so people can purchase their own remixes and get them delivered as design-based products, wherever they live. If you are tired of zombie shopping, if you want to wear something unique that you co-created based on your favorite art, if you breathe creativity and design, or even if you just like surprising yourself – you will love JuicyCanvas.

NORA: Where do you source art/artists?

DEB: We’ve started with personal invites to artists we’ve always admired. I’ve also spent hours online discovering new talent. Behance, Tumblr and Instagram have helped a lot. Right now we are receiving hundreds submissions everyday. If you are an artist and want to be part of our platform, just email us with your portfolio url to

NORA: How is it working together as a couple in a startup business? Challenges, triumphs, and advice.

DEB: During work hours we’re both focused on a common goal: customer satisfaction. It is impossible not to talk about work at home, or at the park when we are playing with our one year-old son. But it feels natural, simply because we love what we do. When PBS decided to do a documentary on us, we knew this idea was going somewhere.

Best advice : don’t launch your startup the same week you launch your first newborn!

NORA: What is going on with JuicyCanvas right now and where is it headed in the future? What can we expect to see from the business in the coming months?

DEB: We’ve spent the last year building version 1, so now we are ready to focus on building the community and getting to know our market better. We want to let people know that they all have a little artist inside themselves, and that everybody can be creative, that it’s okay to ‘touch the art.”

This Spring, we are launching many new products and a new social network of remixers. We’ll also be adding many new artists to our repertoire so keep an eye out.

Melted Dreams by rcaldwell juicy canvas 

Test out your own remixed artwork and unleash the Juicy possibilities!

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