Kentucky: La Mejor Pizza A Las 6 De La Mañana

Posted on February 21, 2014 by Vivi in DINNER, RESTAURANTS

I kind of like being single on Valentines Day.

“Do you want to be single together?”  Kevin asked me.

Best invitation ever?  Yes.

Kentucky, Pizza in Buenos Aires

Thus began a particularly epic Valentine’s Day that lasted twelve full hours and ended with me falling asleep on the couch watching House of Cards at 8am.  So, probably cooler than whatever you did.

The evening started with us wandering around Caballito, having our fortunes read, sharing a pitcher of Fernet con Coca, analyzing Kevin’s complete genealogy, watching the sunrise over Parque las Heras, smoking a Lucky Strike Menthol, and, consuming a perfect slice of calabresa at Kentucky, at 6 in the morning.  Sorry Mom.

Kentucky, Pizza in Buenos Aires, Fast Food, calabresa pizza

We’ve all been to Kentucky …. and even if you haven’t been to Buenos Aires, you probably have a local version of “Kentucky”.  In my college days it was a 24hr local fast food Mexican drive through called “Muchas Gracias”, and it had bullet holes in the window.  Like Muchas, Kentucky is the kind of restaurant that probably has normal hours of operation, but I have never been there at a normal meal time.  I have only been there at 6am.

Kentucky, Pizza in Buenos Aires, Fast Food, Kevin Vaughn

Besides the obvious treat of eating a fatty slice of pizza at 6am, the unspoken pleasure of Kentucky rests not in gooey-carby-cheesy piece of pie, but in the feeling of accomplishment that accompanies this early morning excursion.  To stay out until sunrise only happens on really good nights, nights that you don’t want to end; nights that are looking for excuses to carry over into the next day.

Kentucky, Pizza in Buenos Aires, Fast Food, window reflection

Kentucky, Pizza in Buenos Aires, Fast Food, calabresa

Kentucky, Pizza in Buenos Aires, Fast Food, Kevin Vaughn dinosaur shirt

While I’m here talking about eating pizza at 6 in the morning, I think it’s appropriate to address the great Buenos Aires Pizza Debate.  Among expats it is often discussed: does the pizza here suck?  Or is it the best ever?

Kentucky, Pizza in Buenos Aires, Fast Food, calabresa pizza avenida sante fe

You guys.  It’s the best ever.

When you’re in love with Buenos Aires, every day is Valentine’s Day, so on February 14th, why not stay out all night?  And if you’re going to stay out all night, then, you definitely deserve to go to Kentucky.  Thanks Kev!

The end.



  1. Doing the Cristina!

  2. hey just curious do you still live in argentina? i haven’t been on the website in a while but I thought you had left! either way love kentucky pizza its all i ate while i was there…amazing fugazetta. i still dream of it.


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