Technology and Arte Clash at RO Galeria de Arte

Posted on January 3, 2014 by Vivi in EXPAT

Translated by Nora Wallenius

Recoleta art gallery RO Galeria de Arte presents a new exhibit, Topograficas Ubicas by Leo Nuñez, a clash between technology and interactive art. Topograficas Ubicas explores interactivity, and how lies can be so seductive when generating illusions of control.

Leo Nunez Ro Gallery Recoleta

The interactive subject plunges into uncharted territories of illusions: Power and Control.  Artist Leo Nuñez knows and delves into the depths of this black box.  Nuñez has staged a movement, in the purest kinetic way, and invites us to be part of it .  Here is a preview of a few pieces you will see in the exhibit:


propagaciones, Leo Nunez Ro Gallery Recoleta

Propagation is a cellular automated system consisting of 50 low-tech robots that explores the relationship between human and machine, robotics in electronic design, and shape of the object and the possibility of a critical discourse through the use of technology. Nuñez has taken the physical wires, cords, and plugs, and transformed them to scientific magic. The viewer is able to create movement and light to find a personal connections to the piece.


Fluidos explores the paradigms of the information age, creating a visual representation of communication as randomly generated fluid.  The information is spread across the canvas, respecting the architecture proposed on the screen, by mapping the system developed for this work. Puzzles and graphs confound the mind to search for meaning in the madness, in our own lives as well, but the patterns and movements are organic, and beautiful, despite the mechanical nature of the medium.

fluidos, Leo Nunez Ro Gallery Recoleta

Leo Nuñez is an Argentinean artist, born in Buenos Aires in 1975. He has more than fifteen national and five international exhibits debuting in Latin America, North America and Europe.

RO Galeria de Arte aims to brings artists and viewers together in an all-encompassing experience in art and culture. The gallery offers an art consulting service aimed at collectors, corporations, and foundations interested in art. Their services include advice to purchase artworks, management appraisals and certificates of authenticity.

  • Venue: RO Galeria Arte, Paraná 1158, Buenos Aires
  • Normal Hours: Monday-Friday 2:00-8:00 pm 
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