Circle of Drink: Five Questions for Dave Mate

Posted on December 21, 2013 by Vivi in EXPAT

Dave Mate Interview Circle of Drink

To know Dave Mate is to love him.

We started calling him Dave Mate, because many of our friends were named Dave, and this Dave was known to carry his mate gourd and termos with him wherever he went.  He initiated the most dynamic mate circles, leading conversations about lucid dreaming, the nature of reality, or facing fears.  I was a mate drinker before meeting Dave, but I don’t think I really loved mate, until after knowing him.

After some good adventures in Buenos Aires, Dave followed his intuition back to New York, to start on his next project: sharing mate with the rest of the world, and writing a book about it. He continued to expand his website, Circle of Drink, into an international community of mate drinkers, and a one-stop-shop for everything a mate drinker could ever need or want. His book, Mateology is now available on Amazon.  

Five Questions for Dave Mate, author of Mateology, and founder of Circle of Drink:

1.  Which transcendentalist inspires you the most, and what one lesson from that person would you share with others?  Why do you identify so much with the literature and thinking from that age? 

Henry David Thoreau has been my greatest teacher. From him, I learn that following my own nature—no matter what that is or how it’s deemed by society—is always better than living a false life. In a past life, I must’ve rubbed shoulders with Thoreau and Emerson. Yes, I am living in this current society but I’ve always felt a bit misplaced here. I find my reality to be starkly contrasted with the current mode of operation: work a job, make other men richer, take abuse for decades, then retire sick. From a young age I always knew that that wouldn’t be my path. I’ve rebelled in order to pay the highest respect to my own nature. I’ve suffered for it, but fruit has always fallen down for me. 

2.  Tell us about how climbing trees in the Red Wood forest taught you to overcome your fears, and how that applies to your business today. 

I am a believer that every person should test themselves at least once in their life. Really test themselves! Going up against large corporations that sought to destroy Ancient Redwoods, the largest trees on the Earth, was something I felt I couldn’t ignore. Without trees, we cannot survive. I look at each tree with the utmost gratitude. From them we’ve evolved from. The experience took me to the precipice of many fears, as I lived in the canopy of these ancient beings as law enforcement and loggers attempted to chop them down. I learned about hard work, bravery, and how to put my life on the line for something I believe in during my time in the forest.

 3. Describe your experience of falling in love with yerba mate. 

I recall sipping mate one afternoon, not too long after I was introduced to in on my first night in Argentina back in 2009. My mind was so pristine and resplendent with clarity. I thought to myself that “this herb is really something else.” So began my journey. As the years passed, mate took ahold of me and sent me down a metaphysical path that I would never have expected any tea to ever take me. Mate isn’t only a drink for me, it’s a lifestyle. One that pays homage to respect, tradition, and community building.

4. Tell us about the Circle of Drink international community of mate drinkers.  Who can join?  Why should they?  What’s it all about?   

We are a group of Mate Drinkers, also known as Materos, that have embraced Mate as the Drink Beyond a Drink. Spanning over 20 countries, we stay connected with our online communities Facebook forum. Anyone can join. Mate is only the medium that unites us. It’s the Circle that keeps us strong. A Mate Circle is beyond geography, race, culture, and socioeconomic status. When Materos Circle, they build community, forge friendships, and help to improve the world in some way.

5.  What is your favorite mate blend?

I’m a simple Matero, so our Organic Mission Yerba Mate is what I mostly drink. It’s a classical yerba mate from Argentina. No other herbs are added to it. Plain, powerful, simple.

Check out Circle of Drink to join the international community of materos, and order all your mate supplies for the US.  Learn more about this magical drink by reading Mateology.



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