Bianki Exhibits Jigsaw 19/10 – 23/11 at Mar Dulce

Posted on October 15, 2013 by Vivi in ARTS

In Jigsaw, more than a 1000 little painted objects -whimsical in form and vivid in colour- cover the wall of Mar Dulce, appearing to be only the beginning of a much bigger, perhaps infinite, puzzle.
 galeria mar dulce - bianki november exhibit - rompecabezas

Not for the first time, Bianki has created his new artworks from elements belonging to the carnivalesque consumer society. His immense repertory of intervened objects draws us into a world that seems to to be part of the same chaos from which we come … and which in hushed tones suggests to us that we ourselves are made from nothing more than stardust.

Diego Bianchi (Bianki) was born in the city of La Plata in 1963. He studied drawing, design and communication at the University of La Plata. His exhibitions include: Candombe lubolo, Casa Rimac (Lima 2013) and Galería Mar Dulce (Buenos Aires 2010); Chihiro Art Museum Collection (Tokyo 2009); The Art of Elegance, Elsi del Río (Buenos Aires 2007); Place project, Barcelona contemporary Art Museum (2005). He is also an illustrator for national and international press and has had books of his work published in Argentina, Mexico, Korea, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and Brazil.  His artwork forms part of collections in Italy, France and Argentina and have recently been included in the publication 200 Years of Argentine Painting.

galeria mar dulce = bianki november exhibit

Galería Mar Dulce specializes in small and medium format artwork in painting, drawing, print, photography, artists’ books and objects, realized by classic and contemporary Argentine and Uruguayan artists. To accompany Jigsaw we present +COLLECTIVE24, a specially curated selection of works by Daniel Herce, Pablo Bernasconi, Decur, Lola Goldstein, Claudio Pedraza, Daniel Santoro, María Elina Méndez, Alfredo Benavidez Bedoya, Cristian Turdera, Elenio Pico, Ral Veroni and Natalia Colombo. 

Venue: Galería Mar Dulce, Uriarte 1490, Palermo Soho
Opening event: Saturday 19 October, 4-8pm
Normal hours: Tuesday to Saturday 3-8pm
Exhibition ends: Saturday 23 November 2013

Contact: 15 5319 3597 /

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