Sketching Buenos Aires

Posted on September 24, 2013 by Sharon Salt in EXPAT

By Sharon Salt. 

Before finally finding a job in Buenos Aires, I had a lot of free time on my hands and no idea what to do with it. A friend and I decided that, in the interest of keeping our spirits up, we had no choice but to dip into our savings and take a few classes. We wanted to burn a few hours out of our days and distract ourselves from the stress of being in a new place, floundering around, trying to put our lives in order. We also wanted to learn something new. In retrospect, we may have gone a bit overboard –  film classes, tango classes, and a drawing class all in a matter of weeks – but I’ve never regretted it.

Drawing, in particular, has stayed with me. My friend and I took a class from Michael Jackson – yes, his real name, and a celebrity in his own right – who has since gone to Paris. But he encouraged and inspired us enough that I found myself, months later, still making time to draw. For me, it became a kind of meditation. A sketchbook is like a journal, he would say, but it’s also a collection of postcards; it will always take you back to that time, that place, and that state of mind.

A Ceramic Vase in Parque Lezama

sketch1 - a ceramic vase in Parque Lezama

A Love Seat and Plant in My San Telmo Living Room

sketch2 - a love seat and plant in my San Telmo living room

A Tree in Parque Lezama

sketch3 - a tree in Parque Lezama

One of The Corner Buildings Off Of Plaza Dorrego

sketch4 - one of the corner building off of Plaza Dorrego

The Sausage Rack at El Federal, A Bar Notable in San Telmo

sketch5 - the sausage rack at El Federal, a bar notable in San Telmo

The Yacht Club Dock in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

sketch6 - the yacht club dock in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

The View from Lentas Maravillas, A Café in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

sketch7 - the view from Lentas Maravillas, a café in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Wind Blowing Through The Fall Foliage at Parque Micaela Bastidas in Puerto Madero

sketch8 - wind blowing through the fall foliage at Parque Micaela Bastidas in Puerto Madero


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  1. Hi Vina,
    I think you have some real talent here.


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