Five Favorite Juanes Songs

Posted on August 8, 2013 by Vivi in MUSIC & VIDEOS

I totally love this chabon, Juanes.  He’s like my new Chayanne – but more cowboy, less chamuyo.  

I made you a lil playlist of 5 of my favorite Juanes songs:

– Es Por Ti (You’re going to want to stare into those eyes forever and sing “tus ojos me llevan lentamente al sol…”) 

– Camisa Negra (You’re going to dance a little)  

– A Dios Le Pido (You’re going to try to sing along) 

– La Paga  (You’re going to do the lip-bite-white-guy-head-bob dance) 

– Para Tu Amor (Your heart is going to melt – if you ignore the Portuguese subtitles) 


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  1. juanes’ music is so sexy!


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