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Posted on July 30, 2013 by Sharon Salt in EXPAT

Article by Sharon Salt.

Acupuncture is finally gaining awareness in Buenos Aires, and it’s thanks in large part to Lauren Dulberg’s new studio Acupuncture Buenos Aires.

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Though there are various practices in the city, one of the first things Lauren told me as she let me into her studio is that there’s no certification regulation in Latin America, so you need to be careful. “There are places in Barrio Chino or doctors who have taken weekend classes, but it’s not at all the same.”

“I have such a deep and high respect for this medicine,” Lauren explained, and she’s not exaggerating. She majored in Anthropology with a focus on Ethnobotany, the study of traditional herbal medicines, at University of Arizona before devoting herself to Chinese medicine.

Then, over six years, she studied acupuncture and herbology at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, clocking in over 4000 hours of practice.

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Though Lauren is excited about sharing acupuncture with Argentines, it’s been a bit of a challenge simply because not much is known about it. In Asia and other parts of the world, though, it is a highly valued and widely recognized method of healing. “In the United States, for example,” Lauren told me, “it’s being integrated into hospitals to be used in conjunction with Western medicine.”

Acupuncture can treat headaches, allergies, moodiness, depression, drug addictions, infertility, PTSD, and the list goes on. There’s even a method in which acupuncturists are able to turn breech babies right side up with an 80% success rate.

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To provide further evidence for the seemingly infinite possibilities of acupuncture, Lauren mentioned a BBC documentary in which acupuncture is used as a substitute for anesthesia during open-heart surgery in China. I watched it after the interview and she’s right – it is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

When I asked how it works, Lauren explained it this way: “Traditional Chinese medicine is an elegant and complex system. Western medicine tends to treat just one symptom or problem, but Chinese medicine treats the pattern of the person, considers the person as a whole.”

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In acupuncture, as I understand it, small needles are inserted at particular points to stimulate energy along meridians, or energy pathways. In this way, the acupuncturist can unblock energy or rebalance it as needed. It is, of course, much, much more complex than this. For example, Lauren needs to consider every symptom, ache and pain before deciding which of the hundreds of acupuncture points to stimulate, each of which has a particular purpose, while also taking into account the season and how this might affect certain organ systems, and on and on. I kept getting lost in the intricacies of the information, though it was clear that Lauren
had it all sorted out in her head.

“People heal themselves. I just help,” she added.

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I had never had acupuncture before, but Lauren had kindly offered me a complimentary session, and I was not going to say no.

After discussing nearly every aspect of my medical history – because, again, acupuncture is such a holistic practice – Lauren also took my pulse and examined my tongue.

Though I’m not terrified of needles, I was also not the most excited about sticking so many of them into my body at once. Thankfully, Lauren uses the hair-thin type of needle, and I barely felt a thing. Almost all of them felt like nothing more than mosquito bites, and the “heaviest” – of which there were only two – felt only half as strange as when you hit your funny bone.

After that, it was even easier because the studio was so peaceful. Lauren put on some soothing music and a lavender eye mask, and twenty minutes flew by. When she came back to remove the needles, I felt a strange but comforting humming in my chest. She had warned me that I might be a little loopy – and a little loopy I was – because acupuncture can activate the same kind of state as meditation. She suggested I get some good food and then some rest, in that order, which I did.

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As for the effects, they’re cumulative, so she recommends coming for four to six weeks in a row before reassessing each client’s case. It’s also important to know that Acupuncture Buenos Aires never turns anyone away, either, and Lauren is willing to work with her clients on a price point and session interval that works for everyone.

As for me, yes, consider me converted. Honestly – the night after speaking with Lauren and having my first session, I was talking non-stop to my boyfriend about what it could do for him and his migraines. And for my friends who smoke. And for my seasonal allergies. And that women’s open heart surgery – seriously?! Seriously?!

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