Lulacruza Has Landed in Buenos Aires

Posted on July 2, 2013 by Vivi in MUSIC & VIDEOS

Looking for some South American fusion music?  Let me tell you all about LULACRUZA.

LOLACruza South American MusicLULACRUZA is a electronic folk due that knits together luminous songs, South American instruments and new digital technologies. Colombian Alejandra Ortiz and Argentine Luis Maurette have release four albums: Do Pretty! (2006), Soloina (2008), Canta (2009) and Circular Tejido (2011) that have become a powerful and innovative voice for New Panamerican Folk – Club del Disco.   Listen to their music here, on SoundCloud.

After four successful albums, their passion for exploring contemporary musical ritual led them to film ESPERANDO EL TSUNAMI (2011), a documentary and visual album made in collaboration with Vincent Moon (considered by the New York Times as “the genius videographer that reinvented the concept of the music video”). They raised more than $15,000 through crowdsourcing via Kickstarter to film the documentary and traveled with Moon through Colombia for three months collaborating with musicians all over the country. The film has been projected nearly 300 times all over the world – from CPH: Dox in Denmark to Chicago Movies and Music Festival to Eudoro Film Festival in South Africa.  Watch the trailer for Esperando el Tsunami here.

I think that the Santa Fe Recorder summed up their music most accurately:

“Their eclectic mix of Amazonian flutes, Colombian kalimba, cuatro and womping bass, keyboard, and samples taken from the jungles of South America is ayahuasca for the ears. The combination of indigenous instruments as well as indie and modern electronica sensibilities creates songs that sound as if a shaman, Manu Chao and your favorite dubstep DJ had an orgy.” Santa Fe Reporter, NM (USA)

Lulacruza has played concerts in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and the United States. They have shared the stage with Totó La Momposina at the Gran Rex and La Trastienda, as well as with Juana Molina, Gaby Kerpel, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Vieux Farka Toure. They were invited as special guests at the first Bienal de las Americas in Denver for a evening named “The Future of Folk”. They’ve played at massive festivals for enormous crowds at Lightning in a Bottle in California and Beloved in Oregon. 

LOLACRUZA 2013 Concert Schedule, MyBeautifulAir Music
 They’re performing a lot this summer – check out the concert schedule:
  • JULY 11TH at the CCC, 10PM $40
  • JULY 12TH at Pen Jaus (La Plata), 9PM $30
  • JULY 19TH showing of Esperando el Tsunami at FM La Tribu, 4PM FREE
  • JULY 28TH with La Insurgencia del Caracol at Cafe Vinilo9PM $40
  • AUGUST 8TH dinner and showing of Esperando el Tsunami at Espacio Aparte, 9PM FREE SHOWING
  • AUGUST 16TH with Bicho Feo at La Playita9:30PM $30 // Facebook // Twitter 


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