Too Much of a Good Thing: Brunch at Hierbabuena

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Review and Photos by Sharon Salt.

Hierbabuena has a brunch. Hierbabuena, my favorite restaurant in all of Buenos Aires, maybe ever, has a brunch.

Unfortunately, I had never been able to participate in this Eventful Meal because I was never quite willing to part with all the pesos. Fortunately, however, my mother came to visit over her spring break, and I shamelessly took advantage of her status as a tourist, i.e. 1. that she was willing to eat out anywhere because VACATION!, and 2. that she still considered the exchange rate quite nice, having not yet had a chance to experience first-hand the ridiculousness of the ever-rising inflation.

So we went, my mother, my boyfriend, and I.

The waitress gave us our brunch menus and we looked every option over, taking our time to decide what, exactly, we would order. But when it came time to tell the waitress what we wanted, she looked confused. “Oh, no no no,” she said, “You don’t choose one thing. You get all the things.”


She warned us that it was a lot. And then she warned us again. But we decided to throw caution to the wind, and for that, we paid dearly — pun intended. For $180 pesos/person, I guess it makes sense that we were served so much, but seriously, eating the whole Hierbabuena brunch is not humanly possible, I don’t think.

Here’s what we got:

HierbaBuena - Buenos Aires Brunch - Parfaits

Here we have a fairly innocent first course, a fresh fruit and granola yogurt parfait. I stupidly ate the whole thing because I forgot that I was in a marathon, not a sprint. (I also admit to eating a piece of bread at the table before we even ordered. Delicious, but DO NOT DO THIS no matter how hungry you are.)

HierbaBuena - Buenos Aires Brunch - French Toast

The second course, a homemade French toast with coconut milk and fresh fruit.

HierbaBuena - Buenos Aires Brunch - Home Fries

Next up, potatoes with garlic-herb butter and a balsamic reduction.

HierbaBuena - Buenos Aires Brunch - Eggs on Toast

And then an egg on toast, over sautéed onions and mushrooms.  At this point we had eaten 3.5 full-sized meals in a row, so we got the last two dishes to go:

HierbaBuena - Buenos Aires Brunch - Chicken Wrap

HierbaBuena - Buenos Aires Brunch - Bananas and Nutella

Nutella waffles with bananas and a Caesar wrap, respectively.

When we ordered the last two things to go, our waitress basically said, “I don’t want to say I told you so, but…” Then she asked if we wanted our mimosas, and even though I thought I was going to pass out, we all said yes, because mimosas are mimosas. And mine had blueberries in it.

To recap: Hierbabuena’s brunch is delicious, just like everything else at Hierbabuena. But do not go unless you are starving and you have the entire day to sit there and eat a marathon. I’m serious. And eat slowly. I was probably good after just the yogurt.

Additional notes: Hierbabuena’s brunch is only available on Saturdays, Sundays, and feriados. Also, the price is set at $360/ 2 people, but they’ll let you order half a brunch if you have 3 people. Basically you can’t go alone, which is probably a good thing. Also, they will not under any circumstances allow you to share. CRUEL.

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