Esquina De Los Flores: Homestyle Vegetarian Food In Palermo Soho

Posted on February 18, 2013 by Vivi in LUNCH, RESTAURANTS

Vegetarian Souffle, Esquina de los Flores

Esquina de los Flores is the most unique Argentine restaurant.  It isn’t the fanciest, it isn’t the most exciting, but it is totally different than any other place I’ve been in the city.  Esquina is an all natural, vegetarian restaurant and market, with a full to-go lunch service.

Store Display, Esquina de los Flores

The brightly colored Soho gem on Gurruchaga has all of the products you can never find, like alternative flours, a wide variety of spices, and other dry goods.  Personally I’m a big fan of their organic yerba mate.

Esquina de los Flores, Organic Yerba Mate

I first found this place when I was working a few blocks away.  It was ideal for lunch because they have great to-go lunch options with fast take-away service.  It should be noted that the women who run the store really don’t like when you pay with a hundred peso note …

Esquina de los Flores, Take-out Lunch Service

They serve a wide variety of Argentine vegetarian fare.  You will find guisos, polenta, souffle, stuffed vegetables and tofu dishes.  They also have awesome whole wheat empanadas.

Ricotta Empanada, Esquina de los Flores

Esquina also always has healthy desserts made with fruit and whole wheat.

Esquina de los Flores, Take-out Lunch Service, Dessert

Natural / Organic / Vegetarians rejoice – this place is for you.  (and everyone else too)

Esquina de los Flores
Gurruchaga 1630

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