Buena Vida: The Good Life / Eats in Palermo Chico

Posted on February 7, 2013 by Vivi in LUNCH, RESTAURANTS

Buena Vida means good life.  Good life like fresh squeezed lemonade with mint and ginger.  Good life like being close to the parks in Palermo Chico.   Buena Vida is a small cafe on Bulnes, with bright colors and buena onda.

They make a good, simple lunch, like a toasted ham and cheese with a side salad.

The owner told us that he likes to have his famous clientele sign a plate and he then displays the plates of fame on the wall.

Buena Onda Cafe, Palermo Chico

Good coffee too – which makes life SUPER BUENA:

Buena Onda Cafe, Palermo Chico, Buenos Aires Restaurant

A+ for consistent store branding:

Buena Vida Restaurant Design

Buena Vida
Bulnes 2607
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