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Cluny, Argentina, Restaurant, Buenos Aires, Palermo SohoWhere does the time go?  It seems like just yesterday that I was celebrating Meghan’s 25th birthday.  We had an asado at Lenny’s house and it was the first time I tried provoleta.  Those were the days we hung out with Colombian musicians, when we were new in the city and unknowingly committed countless embarrassing cultural faux pas.  Now Lenny is a big rockstar, touring the country with his band, and we laugh at how we’ve adjusted to the city’s strict social etiquette.

Meghan is my oldest friend in Buenos Aires.  In age, we are only a year apart, but I have known her the longest.  I met her in our TEFL course in January of 2010.  The course had twenty students, but the other eighteen have long since left the city.  We are the only two that remain, nearly three years later.

We’ve shared a lot in these past three years.  We spent our first year in Buenos Aires teaching English to business executives, and after that we both accepted positions in two different boutique recruitment firms.  Now she is growing her recruitment career and I’m pursuing my writing.  In the past three years, we’ve seen each other through thirty changing roommates, seven different apartments, a few boyfriends and quite a few gay boyfriends.  We’ve had family visits and trips home, new jobs, experienced good friends leaving and new friends coming.  We’ve seen each other through sickness and health, summer and winter.  Meghan is my anchor.

Now we’re coming up on our three year anniversary in Buenos Aires, and transitioning from the early to later sides of our middle twenties.  To celebrate Meghan’s birthday this year, we went to Cluny, a popular landmark restaurant in Palermo Soho.

Buenos Aires Restaurant Recommendation

We started with a light bodied, very creamy butternut squash soup.

Sopa de Calabaza

Meghan is nice because she always shares.  It should also be noted that she is a phenomenal cook and taught me everything I know about how to make a roux.

Cremoso Sopa de Calabaza

Cesar salad for me.  The croutons were surprisingly delicious.

Ensalada Cesar, Cluny

For the main course, Meghan had fish, served with a spanakopita-esque spinach pie.  We both studied abroad in Greece during college.  I was in Athens, she studied in Thessaloniki.  The spinach pie was a nice reminder of delicious Mediterranean food.

Pescado con Verduras

I had pumpkin sorrentinos.  When I saw them on the menu, I didn’t bother reading any further.  They were served with toasted almonds and were exquisite.

Sorrentinos con Almendras

I told the waiter that it was Meghan’s birthday, and as we debated over the dessert menu, they solved our inability to make a choice by bringing a special birthday treat: a two layer brownie with a creamy filling, dusted with powdered sugar and topped with berry coulis.

Brownie Especial

We laughed and lingered over a little coffee.  I love ending a meal with a little coffee.

Cafe Cortado at Cluny

They say that a great meal inspires great conversation, and by that standard, this was a great meal.  Cluny is a perfect place to enjoy the company of an old (but not really old) friend.  Thanks Meg.  🙂



  1. Are you back in Buenos Aires?! I thought you were in Boise??

  2. Looks very delicious! Much obliged.
    Beautiful pictures. Waiting for more articles.
    Cool blog.


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