How To Host A Clothes Swap Party

Posted on January 28, 2013 by Vivi in VIVI'S VIEW

By Vivi Rathbone.

Clothes Swap Party

It was spring and I cleaned out my closet.  I made a note to give away any clothes that I hadn’t worn in several months.

I filled an entire suitcase with clothes I no longer wore!  My roommate cleaned out her closet and had a bag of clothes that she didn’t wear anymore.  Our clothes were still in great condition, nice and well cared for, we just didn’t use them anymore.  We thought; ‘hey I bet our friends have bags of clothes that they don’t wear anymore, either!’

So we set up a Facebook event, to invite our friends over for a clothing swap.

We invited our friends to bring their own clothes over on a Saturday afternoon.  If they didn’t have any clothes to trade, they were still invited to come and ‘shop’.  Our amigas showed up and unpacked their bags of goodies as they arrived.  We sorted through them and tried them on and traded.

Result: Best Party Ever!  It was like going shopping with all of our friends in a private store where everything was free!  Our friends brought over great clothes, and we all left with new outfits, just in time for a new season.

There were lots of clothes left over, which we donated.

Yay for recycling!  Host a clothes swap party – trust me – it’s a blast.

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